Will alice escape?

Talking doors, a grinning cat and a queen of hearts looking to rule can be met at the frankenwald gymnasium (G). The reason for this is a very special staging of a classic of world literature by the lower school theater group of the g. Under the direction of director stefanie aust, the young acting talents present "alice in wonderland" on four evenings from the pen of british author lewis carroll, which first appeared in 1865.

"Oh dear, oh dear, i'm too late…"

Alice is tired of sitting still and following the boring lessons of her strict teacher cecilia. When the girl suddenly runs into a female rabbit who keeps looking at her watch and muttering "oh dear, oh dear, i'm too late", she thinks she has found her way back …" She thinks she can't believe her eyes.
After her little cat dina jumps into the hole in the ground after the rabbit, she decides to follow him. There she falls deep and ends up in wonderland, where she encounters the craziest creatures in search of her little cat. In addition to the talking turtles, the lobster and the soup turtle, alice meets the wise caterpillar and, thanks to the advice of the cheshire cat, meets the mad hatter and the march hare at a tea party. But her journey continues until she meets the queen of hearts and her husband, the king of hearts. Once again, the team led by student advisor stefanie aust, with the help of the stage group led by art teacher alexandra reiter, succeeded in transforming the small studio stage into a veritable wonderland with numerous effects and an impressive stage design. But will alice be able to escape the domineering queen?? The theater group explores this question on a total of four evenings. Premiere is on thursday, 15. March, at 7 p.M. On the following three days, there will be further performances at the same time.


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