Where should the bucher build??

The 30 or so citizens at monday evening’s meeting in the multi-purpose building in buch discussed their concerns with theres mayor matthias schneider (CSU), some of them on an emotional level. Whereby above all the wishes for building sites and for the beginning of the village renewal were in the foreground.

"I like that", said schneider in view of the passionate disputes, which ignited at the possible building area in the southwest. Whereby especially karl dotzel got upset, because in his opinion in this area so close to the wind turbines "no one wanted to build". The mayor replied that the municipality had already acquired a flat area there and that he saw no other possibility for the designation of building sites. Dotzel explained that the youth would move away if no suitable building sites were created. But heinz stutzlein argued that he had put a lot of effort into it and had talked to the burghers about possible areas and about their interest. "But so far there has been no interest at all", he concluded.

Because about the wind turbines in the proximity of the possible building area and about the impairments by an agricultural enterprise at another place was lastert, schneider stated: "you speak quite already negatively about your place, although you have it here nevertheless very already." He explained that the municipality does not develop building sites if there are no interested parties. The wind turbines are also only used in strong winds, which have not occurred at all this year. Daniel schonunger, on the other hand, said: "if there were building sites, they would be built"." Finally, schneider said that he would raise the issue in the municipal council and discuss with the district administration the extent to which a building area was possible. He also asked those interested in building to contact the municipality.

Thomas heinisch made it clear: "buch is beautiful and it has a great view. But would it not have been possible to build a cycle path to the forest, so that one could cycle to obertheres??" To this, matthias schneider said: "that will be difficult."

Reinhold ort recalled that the village renewal working group had given a lot of thought to the matter and was now waiting for the work to begin. "According to the council’s ten-year plan, the first measurements should start in 2020/2021", according to the mayor. This mainly concerns the canal and possibly also the water pipes. Reinhold ort explained that for the milk collection point, which is to be demolished, a replacement building on the hellwig property is favored. One needs the place and could perhaps realize the building also with own contribution. Schneider replied that it made sense and that the village renewal project would be debated once again. The mayor is aware that the paving that was used for the road entrances during the village renewal has already suffered several damages. But to remedy the situation is not so easy, he said.

His particular concern was the mull that is being illegally disposed of through the sewage system and which is affecting the functioning of the new clearing plant at buch. "This year we built a new plant for about 787,000 euros, which is considered a pilot project and was awarded the wastewater innovation prize. For this reason, many groups of visitors will come here. But when you see what’s being flushed down the toilet in buch, it doesn’t make a good picture. Especially since all this has to be disposed of as special waste and you have to pay for it", he said.

Schneider also praised the volunteers, including members of the fire department, who spared the multi-purpose building and fire apparatus house and made several repairs and renovations and completed about 400 volunteer hours.


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