U.s. Deploys troops to the middle east

u.s. deploys troops to the middle east

After attacks on saudi oil facilities, u.S. President donald trump does not want retaliatory strikes against iran for now, but is counting on tougher sanctions and the deployment of additional troops to the region.

Meanwhile, the iranian revolutionary guards (IRGC) threatened a "war without frontiers" in the event of an attack. Iran will strike back and "nowhere will remain safe," chief commander hussein salami declared on saturday. Iranian representatives had earlier threatened "all-out war" and retaliatory strikes against israel in case of attack.

Washington, on the other hand, seemed anxious to avoid a military escalation. "The president has authorized the deployment of u.S. Troops, which will be defensive in nature," defense secretary mark esper said friday night (local time). The reinforcement should therefore be focused on the defense of air and missile attacks. Both saudi arabia and the united arab emirates had asked for support. According to chief of staff joseph dunford, it will be hundreds rather than thousands of additional soldiers.

Background is the attack on key oil facilities in saudi arabia a week ago. The huthi rebels, supported by iran, had claimed responsibility for the attack. The u.S. And saudi arabia, on the other hand, see iran as the originator of the attack. Tehran denies this. "All indications are that iran was responsible for the attack," esper said. The investigations by american, saudi and international experts had shown that the weapons used had come from iranian production and had not been used from yemen.

Saudi arabia also reiterated that it suspects iran of being behind the attacks. "We hold iran responsible for this criminal act," saudi minister of state for foreign affairs adel al-dschubair said in riyadh on saturday. "When the investigations are completed, we will take the appropriate mmeasures to deal with this aggression."

Esper stressed that trump had made it clear that the U.S. Did not want a war with iran. At the same time, he said, "we have other military options available to us, should they be necessary."The minister called on iran to stop its "destructive and destabilizing activities" and to follow a "peaceful and diplomatic path".

Trump had announced new sanctions against iran on friday and defended his course of military restraint. He could order a military strike at any time "within one minute" against, for example, 15 key targets in iran, trump said in the weiben haus. But he wants to avoid that as much as possible.

U.S. Government imposes new sanctions on iran’s central bank and sovereign wealth fund. "We have now cut off all of iran’s sources of income," said treasury secretary steven mnuchin. U.S. Warns all governments to stop cooperating with iran’s central bank. The two institutions had given billions of dollars and euros to the revolutionary guards and shiite militias – which washington classifies as terrorist organizations, it said. Iran’s eagle minister mohamad javad sarif derided the sanctions as "an act of desperation".

Meanwhile, on the fringes of the UN general debate in new york, a meeting between iran and the countries of the 2015 nuclear agreement began to take shape – albeit without the u.S. According to diplomats, the meeting on wednesday will be attended by the foreign ministers of germany, france, great britain, russia, china and iran.

Since the unilateral announcement of the nuclear agreement with iran by the united states a little over a year ago, tensions between washington and tehran have continued to increase. The U.S. Wants to use sanctions to persuade iran to agree to a new agreement with stricter conditions and to stop supporting terrorist groups in the region. U.S. Sanctions hit iran’s key oil and gas demand, triggering economic crisis. Iran, however, now wants to ramp up its nuclear program again.


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