The volkshochschule kronach celebrates three times

the volkshochschule kronach celebrates three times

"Today is "training day, kronach's second mayor angela hofmann (CSU), who is also chairwoman of the sponsoring association volkshochschule (VHS), said. This year's german training day is all about "lifelong learning.

In this context, the VHS also participated in the further education day with two specialist presentations on this topic by klemens brosig, head of the schools division in upper franconia, and werner kotschenreuther, head of human resources and social services at the loewe company. Because according to the speakers, learning is not over after school. You get basic skills in school, but that doesn't mean that you can't continue your education afterwards. Because "everything loves", brosig emphasizes aptly, and so it goes on and on with learning, even beyond school graduation. The VHS offers people the opportunity to continue their education if they feel the need to do so and catch up on things they missed in their youth. The fact that the VHS is so popular and has become a model for success is due on the one hand to the qualified course instructors and on the other hand to the varied and colorful program. Brosig offered an insight into the course repertoire. For example, "pelvic floor gymnastics for men" offered, much to the entertainment of the guests, or the course "walking in high heels", as well as "how to fry my steak properly?" Such unusual offers can only be found at the adult education center, unlike in schools, which are bound to a curriculum with a canon of subjects, brosig pointed out. However, it is also emphasized that more and more is being demanded. "School, training and work are often not always enough, as the world of work is constantly changing. At this point, the VHS could hook in and create opportunities for education. Because further education is "worth more.

Werner kotschenreuther also emphasized, on the basis of statistics tailored to the loewe company, that in 2021 the majority of employees will be over 55 years old. This, in turn, shows the importance of further education and training, even in old age, in order to meet the demands for qualified and trained employees. Among other things, the so-called soft skills such as teamwork are particularly in demand here. It is precisely in the learning of these skills that the VHS can provide support.

The official part of the event, before merging into the employee party, ended as it had begun: with the birthday celebrant heinz tischler, who was initially congratulated and praised by district administrator oswald marr (SPD) for his outstanding work. The radiant heinz tischler was presented with an unusual gift by angela hoffmann. At first the present looked like a normal flower robbery, but the prophecy of the deputy mayor, who promised right at the beginning: "the present will be something very special", should be fulfilled.

The simple flower robbery turned out to be a "musical robbery", whose flowers instead of bleeding carried small cards with tischler's favorite music titles on them. To round off the afternoon, the 60-year-old was given a small concert played by three musicians from the vocational school of music in Kronach.


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