The redesigned stockigsbach carries water again

Thus the bed of the stockigsbach is fish friendly. From there, the water flows further into the main river. Within just nine weeks, rhein-main-donau AG, which is largely owned by the eon group, which operates the hydroelectric power plant in knetzgau, has created ecologically valuable flowing water for every form of indigenous aquatic life. The inconspicuous ditch that once was the stockigsbach became a maandrierendes gewasser. The tree removal was realized on the southern bank of the mains between the power plant and the youth traffic school.

There the project "village on the river" comes to a close an, with which the municipality is establishing an attractive zone on the waterfront. With the project, the tradition of knetzgau as a fishing and boating village becomes recognizable.

Mayor stefan paulus was delighted at the official "commissioning" of the stockigsbach over the flooded area. Rhein-main-donau AG, in cooperation with eon, had realized this tree removal, which was so important for the community, within the planned, ambitious time frame. The total cost of the newly designed area amounts to around 250,000 euros, which is borne by rhein-main-donau AG. "The ecological restoration of the stockigsbach is a very successful combination of fish protection and improvement of the recreational value for the citizens of knetzgau", praised the head of the community.

Wolfgang fischbacher expressed his special thanks to the responsible authorities: "without the support of all those involved, we would not have been able to meet the tight deadline."

Just in time for the next flood waves, the "new" coarse riparian corridor is now available for the first time stockigsbach is available to fish as a shelter and refuge. After the planned ecological improvements, the other area on the knetzgauer main is to be transformed into a recreational paradise, fischbacher explained.

The landscaping modeling measures will be tackled in the coming spring. A water playground and a newly designed shore area with seating steps along the course of the stream invite recreation-seekers to linger. On the opposite bank of the stockigsbach, a natural, protected landscape zone for the eye will be created.

The stockigsbach now flows 120 meters further downstream into the main river. The estuary area has been reinforced with armor stones for flood protection reasons. By lengthening the course of the stream to a total of 280 meters, the high difference of almost 2.5 meters to the main could be gradually flattened. "The new design of the stockigsbach makes it possible for fish and other aquatic animals to swim into the water and use it as a migration corridor for the first time" around the power plant and thus the barrage, fischbacher explained. At the same time, new spawning grounds as well as protection and habitats are created in individual calm water sections.

A total of around 5000 cubic meters of earth were moved. During the dredging, the workers stumble upon cable routes that are not shown in any plan. In addition, foundation posts of a several hundred year old mainmuhle came to light, which are still being examined by official archaeologists. With an information board and a memorial stone the municipality wants to point out these findings.


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