The first gramppus ripened under the balcony

It all started with a brewing course offered for the first time by the volkshochschule. Peter schoberth remembers: "my uncle kurt was the first to take notice of it. But when he then wanted to register at the community, doubts were raised whether the brewing course would take place at all, because no one had shown interest yet." His uncle confirms this. "At least they took me down, and after that i made my nephew peter rebellious", says kurt schoberth.
That was 20 years ago. Since then, the hobby brewers who formed in the former monastery village have not only pursued the noble art of brewing, but have also turned the area around the grampp house into what it is today with numerous volunteer efforts: a lively meeting place for young and old with many possibilities. This is how a vision came true: to demand and advance a community center in the middle of town.
The pastor at the time, gerhard welz, had confidence in the hobby brewers and liked them to work, probably also because dieter hornfeck, the man of trust of the church board, was involved.
"Those involved can look back with pride on what has been achieved during this time", dieter hornfeck rightly notes and lists the projects that have been implemented with the support of the church board since the former grampp inn was reopened in 1999: the garages were converted into a bar, a barn was torn down and an open space was landscaped. Eventually, the hobby brewers converted the boiler room into a brewhouse. In addition, the years 2011 to 2009 saw the paving of the grampp farm, the construction of a natural stage, the installation of toilets in the cellar, the roofing of the farm, the construction of a bakehouse and the extension of the scout barn. Dieter hornfeck: "considerable money was invested in all the projects and countless hours of work were put in."
For the anniversary of the hobby brewers, which took place on the 30. June is also the perfect time to celebrate the completion of the renovation work on the parish hall. Pastor michael heeg, who is as open to the activities of the brewers as his predecessor, will finally be able to move in with his family in the next few weeks.
By the way, more than 20 brewing courses with more than 250 participants have been held at the folkshochschule to date. "At that time, we brewed ten liters of beer, of which just under eight liters remained after boiling and fermentation", says peter schoberth. And his uncle kurt still remembers the beer tasting that took place at the kantnerhaus: "it was really tangy."
Peter schoberth's first attempt at brewing his own 20 liters of beer in his parents' washhouse: "we wanted to brew a beer for good friday, and it tasted really fabulous." A few months later it really went off. At the strabenfest on whitsun monday, dieter hornfeck's "gramppus" was lit for the first time under the balcony at minus 20 degrees, a dark, unfiltered and unsparkling marzen beer, created. The necessary equipment was collected from all over the world. A year later, brewing took place at a hobby brewer friend's in kulmbach, before the premises in the grampp house were finally made available.

The recipe is top secret

The recipe goes back to a brewing weekend at the landschlosschen rockenbach and is a well-kept secret. The original 100 liters have already become a remarkable six hectoliters at the strabenfest today.
Brewing beer together naturally also strengthens the community. "We are a group that gets along very well, otherwise it would not have gone so well for so long, says kurt schoberth. And he adds: "for the last 20 years, we have invested every cent we have earned in the buildings and in the technology"."
What is also noteworthy is that each hobby brewer initially made a contribution of 100 euros so that the equipment could be financed.
Any natural person can become a full member of the association. Which, of course, does not presuppose that the person will be able to abstain from consuming the suffigen "gramppus" absolutely "full" must be. For the hobby brewers of himmelkron, enjoyment is the top priority.


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