Suspected killer of bulgarian presenter caught

Suspected killer of bulgarian presenter caught

The murder of television presenter viktoriya marinova raises fearful questions. Not only in bulgaria, but all over europe.

Was the crime connected with her work as a journalist?? Or was the 30-year-old woman in the bulgarian city of russe tragically a victim of a random crime?

International speculation, tweets and comments saw a link between the local cable channel TVN’s "detektor" program hosted by marinova and her murder. Bulgaria was equated with malta and slovakia, where two investigative journalists were murdered for political reasons within a year. The government in sofia reacted with irritation to such a hasty reaction.

Since wednesday it is clear: it was obviously not a political crime. A suspect living near the scene of the crime was apprehended in stade, northern germany. Bulgarian head of government boiko borisov stressed that the murder had nothing to do with marinova’s profession. Borissov fond of criticism of western europe: "despite all they have taught us (…) not to accuse anyone until something is proven, they hit us with tweets."

The success of the manhunt was due to the intensive work and cooperation of the bulgarian and german authorities, said interior minister mladen marinov. Rough praise came afterwards also from the german side. A BKA liaison officer in sofia was involved in the coordination. Bulgarians investigated under enormous international pressure since 30-year-old was raped and murdered saturday in a park on the banks of the danube in russe.

On tuesday around 12.00 a.M. The state criminal police office of lower saxony (LKA) received information from the bulgarian side that the man is supposed to be in hamburg or lower saxony. After that, everything happened very quickly: less than four hours later, investigators had identified an apartment in a multi-family house in stade, lower saxony, as the place of residence. Against 20.At 3 p.M. Forces of the mobile task force (MEK) stormed the apartment and initially arrested two manner, but one of them was released again.

Wiktorija jogged along the danube on that gloriously sunny saturday afternoon as she had often done before. She got in shape for a cross-country skiing in nearby srebarna nature park. The park along the danube in russe is unguarded. Nearby is also the house where the suspected perpetrator, now caught in stade, is said by the media to have lived.

"From the first contact to the arrest, only a few hours passed," said LKA president friedo de vries appreciatively. "Despite the pressured occasion, an excellent example of how well cross-border cooperation between security agencies in europe can work."According to initial findings, the unarmed man left his home by car. Family members of the 20-year-old, whose arrest was made on the basis of a bulgarian request, live in the stade apartment.

The suspect is now to be extradited to bulgaria in the coming days following the arrival of the european arrest warrant. First he was to be brought before the magistrate.

The 20-year-old does not seem to be blameless. According to thomas hackner, head of department at the ministry of justice in hanover, a case of forgery of documents is already pending against him.

In bulgaria, the 20-year-old probably faces charges of rape and murder. The bulgarian investigators have what they consider to be convincing evidence: DNA samples. Genetic material of the man had been discovered on the body of the dead woman. Personal belongings of the murdered were also discovered in the apartment of the suspect in russe.


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