Stocktaking in the streitberg open-air swimming pool

There is no question that the historic streitberg family swimming pool, which is unique in this form in germany, needs to be extensively renovated. For this general reorganization the market municipality kind expressed itself also already unanimously. The meeting on tuesday evening and the meeting of the building committee before that were again about the streitberg outdoor pool.

This time, however, the main question was how to get the pool in shape for the upcoming season. The site inspection therefore took place for the first time with representatives of the forderverein familienschwimmbad streitberg, with which the municipality is working closely to save the pool.

During the tour of the swimming pool area, forderverein chairwoman doris kraus and board members georg korfgen and rainer schnabl first discussed with the council members what repairs and cleanup work needed to be done to reopen the pool in time for the start of the season; they also discussed who would do this work.

Mayor helmut taut (W) made it unmistakably clear that it is not possible to invest a lot of money now. "We have to save ourselves until the big bang comes", according to taut, who was referring to the general refurbishment. At korfgen’s request, a bookshelf will be installed in the so-called club cabin so that visitors to the pool can borrow reading material during their visit.

To enable access

The missing staircase from the club cabin to the bathing area is to be replaced. Damaged tiles are repaired in the women’s soaping room. In the bath cafe, the toilets are being refurbished, as well as the changing room for families, which is to be reopened. A problem is the lawn behind the bath cafe, because there the excavation was replaced by very stony soil material. Now humus is to be filled in and seeded with grass. Later, a beach volleyball court will be built on part of this meadow by the forderverein in order to make the pool more attractive for children and young people.

Since there is currently neither a paddling pool nor a sandbox for children, the forderverein will use club funds to install at least a coverable sandbox at the old site to the left of the entrance area in the near future. The benches also need to be painted and partially repaired.

As the former head of the association and current secretary of the forderverein, georg korfgen, was pleased to note, the water quality of the pool has never been as good as it was during the last season. The improvement of the pool water was achieved by a filter system, the pump of which was subsidized by the forderverein with 5000 euro. The association has also invested over 35,000 euros in restoring the changing rooms to their original design.

Regular exchange

Bath inspections of the market town councils with members of the board of the forderverein are to take place twice a year in the future "so that there are no misunderstandings" (mayor taut). Head of the association kraus thanked the councils for their unanimous decision to renovate the baths.

In the meantime, the forderverein has grown to 212 members. In the last year alone, 56 new members joined the association. It is also very pleasing that more and more guests identify themselves with the bath.

As taut explained, the family swimming pool streitberg has a unique selling point, because it is the only listed outdoor pool in upper franconia. The combination of the municipality and the swimming pool association is perfect, emphasized taut, who is most pleased that "the pressure and the fear that the swimming pool would be closed are now gone.

Gerhard kraus emphasized that the bath would not exist today if the association had not been founded .

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