State parliament candidate walter nussel in an interview

state parliament candidate walter nussel in an interview

CSU direct candidate is 47-year-old walter nussel from the herzogenaurach suburb of burgstall. He answered the questions of our newspaper in an interview.

Why should the voter put his cross in your name??
Walter nussel: I hear time and again from citizens that they appreciate the way I have worked in my previous local political functions. It has always been important to me not to pursue politics as an abstract business, but in the interest of the people, their interests, concerns and concerns. I've always enjoyed working with others to implement ideas and find solutions to problems. As a CSU candidate, I am not only running personally, but as part of a team that is working for the future of our country. For this I ask the voters for their votes.

What made you decide to pursue a political career??
I am convinced that a political career cannot be chosen selectively. In this respect, I cannot really answer this question. But for me personally, it has always been important to care about what happens around me. When you start getting involved at the community level, you certainly don't have a career in mind. In any case, that was not the case with me. Helping people who don't always have it so easy is one of the motivations that brought me into volunteer work in the fire department and in the sports club. And finally also in politics.

How do you see your chances of winning the direct mandate or entering the state parliament via the list??
For weeks now, I have been experiencing a very positive mood among burghers. The CSU's achievements and commitment to franconia and bavaria are recognized, as is my personal work. But it is crucial that people actually go to the polls. In any case, I will fight for a good result for myself and the CSU until election day.

What are you particularly committed to as a member of parliament – what can the citizens of erlangen-hochstadt in particular expect from you??
I myself see the professional implementation of the energy transition without ideology, the strengthening of the countryside, as well as the preservation and expansion of our infrastructure as particularly important issues. For us here in the district of erlangen-hochstadt, it is particularly important, also from my point of view as an independent, to ensure with business-friendly policies that small and medium-sized businesses and industry can continue to work well in the future. In addition, I am particularly concerned about the need for volunteerism, especially in the area of fire and rescue services.

With the A 3, one of the main european traffic arteries passes through the constituency. What is your position on a toll for all vehicles on the autobahn??
Almost all of our neighboring countries in europe levy a toll on their freeways. Conversely, foreign motorists do not have to pay anything for the use of our highways. We want to change this unjust state of affairs. For me, however, the following applies: under no circumstances should this place a heavier burden on german motorists than is currently the case. That is also possible without violating european law. For example, by lowering or abolishing the car tax. It is also important to me that the funds from a car toll are used exclusively for road construction.

Do you still give the tripartite school system in bavaria a future and what should it look like??
It is time for the opposition parties to stop irritating parents, children and teachers with constant debates about the school system. The results of bavarian schools in the vast majority of comparative studies in recent years have been excellent. It's important to me that students who develop their full potential over time have the opportunity to earn higher degrees. The way to make our school system more transparent is the right one. We have to make sure that we continue to get well-trained skilled workers and technicians, who are extremely important for our manufacturing economy.

It's not just the gap between rich and poor that is widening, there are also different trends within bavaria. The rich south around munich is growing, the north is impoverished. What were they going to do to make living conditions in bavaria more balanced??
This question contains a statement that I believe is only partially true. Living conditions in rural areas of northern bavaria are certainly different from those in munich. But to talk about the north becoming poorer is, in my opinion, highly exaggerated. What we are experiencing are the effects of demographic change, which are becoming visible, for example, in an influx into the metropolitan areas. But not just to munich, but also to the core area of the nurnberg metropolitan region. The development in munich is not only positive, but is also causing considerable problems in terms of demand for apartments and rents, for example. We must therefore continue to strengthen the rural areas and try to maintain and expand jobs outside the urban areas. That's why investments in transport infrastructure are so important, as is the CSU's program for digitization in the state.


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