Start of december with inclement weather

start of december with inclement weather

With low "daniel", wind, rain – and in some places mild temperatures – come to germany in midweek. In some regions even values in the two-digit range could provide for a short interruption of the wintry cold, as the german weather service (DWD) communicates.

According to meteorologists, december will start on wednesday with mostly cloudy skies and intermittent rain. Widespread strong to stormy west to southwest winds were allowed to blow across the republic. In the north, heavy gale-force winds are to be expected in some areas, it is said. On mountain peaks and on the north sea, hurricane-force winds could also be expected to hit the area. Compared to the previous days, the weather on wednesday was quite mild, between four and eleven degrees celsius.

In the night to thursday, according to the weather service, it will remain overcast with further precipitation. The lowest values are between five and minus two degrees. Therefore, there is a risk of slippery conditions.

Skies to clear during the day, especially in the north. In the east, a moderate westerly wind with strong gusts is forecast for the time being, while on the coast the stormy gusts are gradually easing. In the center of germany, clouds remain until the afternoon, precipitation moves to the south. It could rain there and snow at higher altitudes. Highs of between minus one and seven degrees, according to meteorologists.


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