Start of construction for logistics center in pettstadt

Start of construction for logistics center in pettstadt

It is a milestone in a stormy development. With the groundbreaking ceremony for the new logistics center in pettstadt, sturmer maschinen gmbh from hallstadt wants to grow further. And that tremendously. What began in 1982 with a 150-square-meter rented warehouse for the trade in compressors, welding equipment, and firewood circuit boards is now being continued – in addition to the company headquarters in hallstadt – in pettstadt on around 47,000 square meters of floor space. Yesterday, a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony was held for the first phase of construction of the new logistics center, which is scheduled to open on 23 june. The site is to be handed over to sturmer by the construction-exporting goldbeck group of companies in december.

It may also be even more and faster
That is, if company founder and managing director kilian sturmer has his way, it could happily be even faster. Because before christmas the shelves are not only full in the retail trade, but also in the wholesale trade and distribution of tools and machines. "We will step on the gas", promised jurgen taubmann, head of the goldbeck branch in nurnberg. The groundbreaking shows that "a vision becomes reality". Kilian sturmer, who is already thinking about an additional extension to the current investment of 5.3 million euros net in the first construction phase, was presented with corresponding plans at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Partial relocation
Sturmer called the symbolic act on thursday afternoon "more than just a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new logistics center". It was rather part of a company relocation from the hallstadt site to pettstadt. "The dice for this new location were already cast in 2008", sturmer continued. Back in august, when the current building was "acquired from the savings bank in the morning to the afternoon" however, he had not yet been aware "that this would be the creeping start of a partial relocation of our company to pettstadt".

Five years ago, the company acquired 6,000 square meters of land and a hall with 3,000 square meters of storage space and 700 square meters of burial space in pettstadt. This "should be enough for a while, we thought", sturmer stated. Even the purchase of a further 12,000 square meters of land in the industrial area towards the village of sturmer apparently proved to be insufficiently future-proof for the company, which is growing at a rapid pace.

Municipality looks forward to trade tax
To a mayor jurgen schmitt (G) then became active in response to a corresponding inquiry. Kilian sturmer showered him and the head of the pettstadt town hall, roland hack, with praise and thanks for their commitment to the acquisition of an additional 29,000 square meters and the rapid implementation of the development plan process.
Mayor schmitt and his chief administrative officer, who is also a chamberman, must have heard that sturmer announced that the logistics center would be operated by a company within the group that was yet to be founded. Because that means that not only, as sturmer plans, about ten office and 20 to 30 warehouse jobs will be created in pettstadt, but also that business taxes will flow into the municipality's coffers.

"We were glad that the empty hall was taken over", schmitt recalled. After all, this is not a good sign for a business park either. The hope for trade tax and jobs has proven to be justified. And with the current rough project, this is "more than a win-win situation" became.


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