Spa path in the schorgast valley fails for a short time

The changed planning for a barrier-free spa path in the "schorgasttal" valley a divided response in the market town council. After a long and sometimes heated discussion, however, the plan remains the same: the barrier-free spa path will only be implemented in a "slimmed-down" version form is realized and the planned mabnahmen are subsidized – as promised – with approximately 75 percent of the costs. Thus, on tuesday evening, the municipal council limited itself in its large majority to the renovation of a handicapped-accessible toilet facility, some exercise equipment and the already existing path at the old guardhouse to the end of the current spa facility.

Riverbank paths will not be renewed

The consequence of the reduced planning is that the renovation of the two footbridges near the barbecue area at the old guardhouse, the riverside paths at the "schorgast" and the "schorgast" are not possible, the embankment along the spa path as well as improvements at the old guardhouse are omitted. The changed planning represents, as mayor jochen trier () again made clear, the least encroachment on the "schorgast valley the. The centerpiece of the barrier-free spa path is the animal enclosure, a multigenerational playground, various fitness equipment and a barefoot path as well as an area for breathing exercises. With the current solution will not interfere with the land, but the nature remains unchanged in the area.

According to mayor jochen trier, the variant of a barrier-free path for wheelchair users is, however, difficult to implement. SPD councillors jorg treutler and gilbert ringsdorf showed little understanding for the original plan, which had been approved by the market town council almost two years ago. Jorg treutler: "one and a half years ago everything has been decided and now everything should be pointless." Gilbert ringsdorf was "torn" between the two variations, but as a climatic health resort and guest place wirsberg has lost a lot of its attractiveness in the last years.

"Have a gem here

For this very reason, he says, it is important for ringsdorf not to reduce the planning, but rather to ratchet it up: "we have a gem here and this could become a unique selling point." Jorg treutler pointed out that the rough solution was now demanded and that the old guard house could be renovated: "we are saving a lot of money now, but whether we will ever get into a demand program again is more than questionable. And what speaks against it, to invite again with our architect to a local date?" For the majority of the rate was the original planning a too strong interference the nature. Second mayor karl heinz opel () still saw many question marks in the amended plans, but: "we should accept the compromise and finally implement it, otherwise the funds will be elsewhere." The interference with nature is also too strong for opel. Against the votes of the two SPD councillors treutler and ringsdorf, the amended plan is now to be submitted to the government of upper franconia as a request and thus realized in the coming year.

Burger center takes shape

For the burger center, the cake furnishing was awarded to the company fuchs, nurnberg, at a bid price of 52,908 euros, and further decisions were made on the sampling of the furniture for the "frankensaal" and hit the sidelines. The "vorderer steig" development plan amendment is entering the final phase, because the opinions of the public authorities did not raise any objections to the planned change. Instead of a garage yard the construction of a residential building is allowed. The municipal approval was granted for the following building project: preliminary building application for the new construction of a machine hall with open stable, residential house and carport in weibenbach. New warehouse on the auweg.

In the event that the sessenreuth community of participants is dissolved, the community council agrees to make the existing land of the TG community property.

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