Social outings and political discussions

Social outings and political discussions

At the annual general meeting of the seniors’ union of the district of kitzingen, numerous seniors met. First, the chairwoman of the district, ruth bauer, reported on the activities of the past year. All events, whether political speeches or social outings, were in great demand. And also the member numbers increased, heibt it in the press release of the senior union.

Heinz herrenschmitdt, who presented numerous pictures, also recalled the events of the past year, in which there had been at least one meeting every month. Bauer then thanked the CSU district executive gerlinde martin and all the members of the district executive of the seniors’ union for their friendly and efficient cooperation.

Funk reports from the district parliament

After the report of the treasurer wilhelm sturm and the discharge of the board of directors, the district councilor of schweinfurt stefan funk, who had come to the meeting as a guest, reported on the work of the district council. He emphasized that the work of the district of lower franconia must be more known. For there important tasks in the social area as well as in the area of health and culture were bundled together.

After funk’s comprehensive report, there was a lively discussion about the tasks of the district of lower franconia. The fact that the distribution of seats in the district council is to be regulated according to a new system was also discussed.


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