Russian visit to hochstadt

On monday, 13 students aged 14 to 17 and 28 adults from the russian partner municipality of krasnogorsk were given a warm welcome by second mayor gunter schulz (SPD) at the municipal brewery. The two russians ekaterina barbashina and pavlina kulagina, who have been staying in hochstadt for several weeks, were happy to introduce their favorite german city and the whole region to their compatriots.
On sunday, the group was picked up at the airport in munich by a hochstadt delegation, and afterwards the guests were able to look around the bavarian state capital.
After the funeral at the gymnasium on monday morning, the students explored the school building, took part in a lesson and visited the police together with klaus strienz before marching to the official reception at the municipal brewery.
They are not used to the rough heat at all. "In moscow it's raining and 17 to 20 degrees", said irina philimonova, the principal of the partner high school in krasnogorsk. Gunter schulz told a little about the history of the kommunbrauhaus. "You are now sitting on the bursts of the city councils", he explained with a smile. Ekaterina barbashina gladly acted as moderator and interpreter. She introduced the four teachers of the high school: principal irina philimonova has already been to hochstadt three times, and for the second principal maria tsomaja and her colleague larissa pribilskaja it is the second visit. Elena dildina, the german teacher from krasnogorsk, translated in good german the words of thanks from her principal: "we came with pleasure. Here it is very nice, people are nice and so hospitable. Everything is so clean and everywhere the beautiful flowers", swarmed them.
Pavlina, a student of german language and literature, started the presentation. "We visitors should know that we are here in franconia and not in bavaria. Franconia became part of bavaria only 200 years ago and the franconians are independent, self-confident and speak their own language. Also the kitchen and the traditions are very important for the people here", she explained to her compatriots.
She also explained the possibilities for young russeans to come to germany." You have to contact the german academic foreign service, the goethe institute or the foundation for german-russian youth exchange."
Then she changed places with ekaterina and the young teacher presented the hochstadt region with the help of many pictures: beautiful half-timbered houses, waterwheels on the aisch river, storks and natural the georgskirche. She thanked especially hans hagen, her supervising teacher, klaus strienz, who organized everything so well, and also erek mennecke, strienz's school successor, who is in early retirement.
"I come from the east and learned a little russian as a schoolboy – back then," he said with a smile, erek mennecke explained to the FT. "Since I've been actively involved in the exchange, I've gone back to the university and studied russian for two years, because it was obvious to me that if I participate here, I'll learn the language so that I can exchange ideas with my russian colleagues, he said. "Besides, it is really fun!"
A full program awaits the guests this week: a visit to the martin bauer company in vestenbergsgreuth, followed by a trip to the summer toboggan run there. On tuesday neuschwanstein, on wednesday nurnberg, on thursday bamberg, in the evening visit of the musical in the gymnasium, friday rothenburg and in the evening reception through the city. Everyone is looking forward to the weekend with the russian night, and after sunday – family day – it's back home again via munich. Johanna blum


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