Restarting and using our own water sources

To the article "greens worry about the water" from 20. On october, the editors received the following reader opinion: "those who do not need their eyes to see today will need them to cry tomorrow!" (jean paul) it's good to see that finally a political party is concerned about the security of supply of our most important foodstuff. Due to the increasing dry periods, evaporation and withdrawal pressure, the capacity of the kodel dam, which supplies 400,000 people in upper franconia with drinking water, could reach its limits in the near future. Therefore, for redundancy reasons, own sources should also be used and put into operation again. Additional decentralized supplies were relieved the reservoir. These mabnahme of the municipalities belong therefore demanded.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. On the contrary, they are blocked, as listed below: in the municipality of nordhalben, it was decided years ago to activate the municipality's own wells with good water quality, which supplied 3,000 people before and long after the construction of the kodel dam, as a preventive measure. By the withdrawal of the water right, only because in the meantime no withdrawal from the own sources took place, this planning was thwarted. A new water right with high requirements cannot be shouldered by the municipality for cost reasons. Since a legal dispute lasting many years is now to be expected, a lot of good drinking water is now running down the stream unused, so to speak.

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