Record participation: 22 couples dance around the membach Kerwa tree

This was the end of the kerwa after an intensive weekend for the local boys. A small sensation: 22 couples from the three membach towns took part.
Even though the kerwa was rather rainy, to the regret of many, the evening dance was held in the dry. At about 6 p.M., the local boys marched from the festival square, supported by music, into the village to pick up their dance partners. At the top the willow bus was carried forward, which was decorated by the girls with colorful banners. Only at the meeting point did the local boys receive their decorated skirts from their dancing partners.
After returning to the festival site, the couples could walk around the church tree. On a table, under a cloth, there was the alarm clock, which started to ring loudly at an unpredictable time. Whoever was holding the tree in his hands had to sing a church festival song. A small cheat sheet was occasionally used for this purpose. In doing so, they alluded to events of the past year and, above all, held their "memba" high.
One song was … Is to the boder ganga and wanted a new schnidd. For perming had is geld ned glangd, eds sen die haar ab!" Another local resident was taken for a ride: "my brother is no longer a local boy, but that’s all the same to him, he goes to the kerwa now and with a big hand." Or: "the kerwaszeid, the kerwaszeid is healthier than we think, there are so many illnesses in the alcohol erdrangd."
The bouquet was then passed to the next couple after each round. The 22 couples circled the kerwash tree in this way until the much-anticipated or longed-for ringing of the alarm clock. The winner was david nagel from untermembach with his partner lisa flohr. They both received a sash with the inscription "raustanzen untermembach 2017" flipped.
The relief was written directly in the face of some of the other participants. According to the old custom, the winner of the raustanzen has to endure the participants, which, however, will only be the case in some time. After these efforts, the couples then moved into the marquee, where david and lisa performed their dance skills together in front of the audience.
All the program points went as planned. Above all, no boys from the surrounding villages managed to bowl the kirchweih tree. "We’ll take care of that", you only mean. MUM – live" played to the sound of the kirchweihaus. The guests also rewarded the commitment of the kirchweihburschen with a good attendance in the festival tent.

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