Progress in fashion and tactics

The promotion has something of an honorary salvation, after the youth players since 2006 virtually belonged to the district class inventory, before the relegation came in 2011 like a blow after a decent hinserie. "We had not won a single game in the second half of the season due to bad luck with injuries. The goalkeeper was out, as well as the libero and a defensive player", trainer stephan penquitt remembers the reasons. A too rough handicap for the small squad.

"After the preliminary round, we felt pretty confident with 20 points," says coach, remarks player christian kiesel. But then some of the key positions remained vacant, and the downward trend was set in motion.
So A-class. There was no rough mourning. "Everyone wanted to get back on the ladder. I knew that this was possible, because we are a super team in terms of football", praises the coach. "At a celebration we have even sworn that. I think that has really awakened the fighting spirit in us, tells spielfuhrer sebastian beck of slogans that were not only built on sand. Despite a stumbling start, because the first game against TSV aschach ended in a sobering, goalless draw. And that before the duels with the many unknown roughs from the district of bad neustadt.

"We did not know how to assess a large part of the competition. It was also noticeable from the spectators' side that they were initially rather wait-and-see", explains christian kiesel. The doubters were quickly quieted with an 8:1 victory over the SG ober-/unterwaldbehrungen. And it got even better: in the following six games, the youth team did not concede a single goal and scored 16 out of a possible 18 points. "The defensive behavior of the whole team has to be right", says coach stephan penquitt quite succinctly. "Often the players did not understand my criticism, even if we had won. But these gates were often so unnecessary", underlines the sulzthaler.

Is there a secret tip for success in this round?? No, there was no trickery here. On the contrary. What was changed: nothing. The team knows each other, trusts each other. There are no rivalries between the windheimers and not so many burghausers. Stephan penquitt continued to pursue his strategy, placing great value on holistic training. "I can only confirm that", says christian kiesel. The 32-year-old has had the opportunity to experience a few coaches in his playing career "but sometimes I didn't immediately understand the meaning and purpose of some of the exercises".

Stephan penquitt also has a philosophy towards the outside world: a unified appearance. Not only on the field, but also off it. The coach remembers his start with the team – one of the first in the region – very clearly. "At the very first game, I wanted to watch the team for a while. That was at the TV jahn winkels. And it was heib. When the first players came out of the dressing room with their upper bodies exposed, I couldn't believe my eyes", recalls the 38-year-old. "Oh, stephan, you know that "owmen" is not necessarily our strong point, notes christian kiesel with a laugh. Now the players have their own auarm shirts and appear in uniform clothing. There's even a penalty if someone steps out of line. There are no rituals. "We don't have to show to the outside world that we're a team. So are we", says christian kiesel. Forming a circle before the game, the djkler find exaggerated. And didn't need it either, like the "walk through the rhon" proved. At least, that's the motto of the championship T-shirts.

More important was the fact that the long-term injured came back into the team. "There has been a positive development overall. I can say that we are now playing in a more cultured way. And with sebastian beck the vacant position as spielfuhrer was newly filled. He not only has outstanding qualities in the organizational area. On the soccer field, he has become a weapon in the midfield and in the defense," says, praises the coach. The captain himself was proud of this appointment, although there was also a bit of uncertainty about the tasks to be accomplished. "But I was confident that we would make it to the top. From the beginning. I even made a bet with the board before the season started for three crates of beer. I'm going to pick that up right away, by the way!"

But other players are also outstanding personalities, such as hartwig kirchner: "an absolute person of respect. He follows a clear line – that is his nature. What he says is the law, notes christian kiesel. So the different characters complement each other to form a harmonious eleven that has acted with purpose and determination. There is bickering – on a friendly level. For example, among the becks and noths in the team. "Who all also live in the same street", adds sebastian beck. "And then they look to see how many goals the respective families have in their accounts." After that there is even a tennis match for the family honor.

The sporting spirit in the team has been honored by the spectators. "Many were disappointed in the relegation season. But as time went by the fans started believing in us again. We were also regularly able to rely on him for rough support on the sidelines," says a pleased sebastian beck u, sebastian beck is pleased with the fan culture that has grown. The team stays together in the new season as well. Hartwig kirchner and christian kiesel may have to reconsider their announced career endings. New to the team is windheimer jonas beck from the youth of TSV grobbardorf. The celebration was, as it is with the DJK so ublich: extreme. "There have never been so many beer showers", notes sebastian beck with a smile. "It felt like 100 liters. Besides, there was a really fat cabin party. I think we're going to have to repaint the dressing room now."

"A thank you to everyone who supported us last season", Christian Kiesel appreciates the commitment of fans and function bearers. The party will be continued in mid-june on "malle". Naturally in appropriate team clothing! Or upper body free after all? Maybe the trainer will make an exception this time.


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