Off to a dream vacation: travel trade show starts in hamburg

off to a dream vacation: travel trade show starts in hamburg

The impact of the european debt crisis on international business travel and, above all, on the personal economic situation of bundesburgers will be decisive for this year’s domestic tourism, said claudia gilles, chief executive of the german tourism association (dtv), in hamburg on monday.

According to preliminary figures from the federal statistical office, the number of overnight stays climbed to 406 million in 2012 – a record figure. DTV expects further growth of one to two percent in 2013.

At the "reisen hamburg" inform from 6. Until 10. February about 800 exhibitors about their vacation and leisure offers. They offer destinations from helgoland to bavaria, from iceland to china. With a hiking village, adventure camp and outdoor fashion shows, the aim is to appeal to all those who want to plan time out beyond the comfort of hotels or pensions.

According to the head of the DTV, city breaks are a key driver of tourism. In 2012, the hanseatic city broke the 10 million overnight stays mark for the first time – third place in the city ranking behind berlin (23.1 million) and munich (11.4 million).). "Optimism is the order of the day, we don’t know what the economic effects will be," said gilles.

Since more than 80 percent of domestic overnight stays were accounted for by bundesburgers, the industry is eager to see how much money will be invested in the year’s most enjoyable days in 2013.

The association of foreign representatives for tourism in germany (corps touristique) expects 2013 to be a good year for the industry. Foreign representatives again see spain, turkey and italy among the top travel destinations for bundesburgers. Long-haul trips booked mainly to north america, southeast asia and the caribbean.

According to the DTV, camping will remain a strong trend after the boom year of 2012, with an expected 26.1 million overnight stays (plus 4 percent). In line with this, the german caravaning trade association expects sales of caravans and motorhomes to grow by 2 to 3 percent in 2013. 41,000 new copies sold in the previous year.


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