Nrw pirate: sexism debate is “written up”

nrw pirate: sexism debate is 'written up'

"This latent everyday sexism is simply an element of our society, which also partially penetrates into our party. However, this affects a few among thousands of pirates," said lamla, who is in second place on the state list for the NRW state parliamentary elections on 13. May stands, the news agency dpa. "I am sure that this kind of single opinion is also present in other parties."

In a recently published letter, the pirates’ junior organization complained that members were making discriminatory statements.

According to lamla’s assessment, the debate will not harm the pirates’ election campaign in north rhine-westphalia. "That such things come up in public only shows how well our party functions and, above all, how it lives," said the 28-year-old. "Other parties do not have this claim to transparency and are perhaps not so open that something like this gets out into the open."Media representatives took the sexism debate more seriously than the burghers, said lamla. "I feel like this is being blown out of proportion a little bit at the moment."

The only woman in the pirates’ top team for the state elections, simone brand, does not feel disadvantaged in the party despite the high proportion of men in the team. "I have never felt as comfortable in a grouping as i do with the pirates," said the 44-year-old. "We have grown so rapidly and have the entire spectrum of people in our party – of course there are a few people who bring up some of their own personal remarks or make politically incorrect comments."But the pirates’ dealings with each other are "nice and courteous". According to the latest polls, the pirates have a good chance of winning the election on the 13th. May to enter the dusseldorf state parliament.


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