#Nosafeplaceforjewhate: twitter boycott against anti-semitism

#Nosafeplaceforjewhate: twitter boycott against anti-semitism

In protest against anti-semitism in social media, numerous twitter users went on digital walkout.

They followed the call of an initiative under the hashtag #nosafeplaceforjewhate and announced that they would not use their twitter account for 48 hours starting monday morning. The action was triggered by tweets from british rapper wiley.

Especially people in great britain supported the action. The british liberal democrats had written on their profile that they wanted to take part in the twitter walkout to protest the shameful inactivity against anti-semitic comments on the platform.

Wiley had claimed last week, among other things, that jewish artists had privileges and exploited black artists. The musician’s anti-semitic posts are abhorrent, british home secretary priti patel had written about them. His manager announced the collaboration.

Some tweets were deleted in accordance with twitter guidelines, but others remained up. This drew criticism of the internet giant. The musician was also active on instagram. There wiley was blocked for seven days after a bbc report like on twitter. London’s mayor sadiq khan criticized this as insufficient. Wiley ("wearing my rolex") pragmatized grime, a style of rap.


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