New plan after the heat at the kronach city spectacle

new plan after the heat at the kronach city spectacle

In the streets of the upper town, the bar is rapping. The quartermasters provide with their games for a huge fun. At the stands is conquered. The historical groups talk shop with many curious people about history. So all participants of the historical city spectacle had liked to have it again. But the familiar picture from previous years was replaced by a burning sun, empty streets and improvised cool-downs. A signal to think about the course of the festival?

Competition of the quarter masters

"That was already extreme", admits tina kummer. As a member of the cronach committee company (CAC), she – like her comrades-in-arms – tried by all means to make camp life bearable at temperatures far above 30 degrees celsius. The petticoats were moistened, cloths tied around them and the shade sought out. It is a pity for her that most of the visitors only showed up in the evening – but it is absolutely understandable. "Those who didn’t have to come preferred to go to the swimming pool in this weather", she says.

Her CAC colleague walter schinzel-lang also understands "if not many people come in this heat". But what does he think of the thought games of some people involved and responsible to screw on the times of the spectacle for future weather escapades??

Gateway to the past

He did not change anything before. "Next time it could be completely different", says schinzel-lang and points out that saturday has always been the weaker day at the spectacle and sunday will probably be difficult to extend backwards because of dismantling. For the participants applies: "one makes its hobby gladly, there one must just by."

However, the city’s tourism department recognizes the challenge of being confronted with such weather conditions more often in the future. Already during the current festival operation, therefore, the first considerations were made for the next city spectacle in 2021. Two points of departure are of particular importance.

After the festival is before the festival

"We are actually thinking about extending the market hours", says plant manager kerstin low. Your employee philipp kober explains: "i was reluctant to give up that afternoon." Too much he offers himself for the family visit on the festival. But: "for the historical and gastronomic offers I think the night is a good idea." After the pageant on friday evening and saturday, parts of the program could be moved to cooler hours. The questions of the lighting and the exact opening times still had to be clarified in advance.

"The lesson of this festival is: heat is worse than rain when it comes to the visitors", low sums up her findings from the weekend. If it starts early in the morning and gets hotter and hotter in the following hours, the guests will stay away during the day.

Colorful pageant

Low also took a second lesson from the weekend: "it’s not possible to cover the court’s trabe for a steady run." This attempt will probably be abandoned in the future. It makes no sense to push this project through by force. Instead, those responsible already have an alternative in mind. "The market place will of course remain as a core point", explains kober "but we wanted to expand melchior-otto-platz as a second focus". Low adds that this area is already well frequented due to the open sunday sales.

"An outdoor event is always fraught with risk", she states. But this risk can be limited. The tourism company wants to pave the way for it. Or as kober says: "we have ideas, and now we have two years to implement them."


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