New olg-president visits bad kissingen

new olg-president visits bad kissingen

Berliners who were born are not exactly said to mince their words. Clemens luckemann does not shy away from plain speaking either. When asked about the staff shortage in the judicial administration service at the district court in bad kissingen, the new president of the higher regional court in bamberg admitted that the number of positions was based on an old calculation of staffing needs "that does not accurately reflect reality."

About the high attendance was pleased amtsgerichtsdirektor matthias gobhardt. After stops in mellrichstadt and at the district court in bad neustadt, the president of the higher regional court also paid his inaugural visit to bad kissingen. You can believe that he not only wanted to introduce himself personally, but also wanted to cultivate relationships, thank, motivate, listen and get an overview of the local situation in discussions with the management of the authorities and the judges' and staff representatives. Bad kissingen is not unknown to the president of the regional court, who also likes to work as a civil judge in coburg. In 2009, he was a guest at the inauguration of the renovated court building while still the chief public prosecutor. But above all, he is familiar with the spa town from a cultural point of view: "i often went to concerts at the kissinger sommer with my wife, he told on the edge of the visit and also that he liked the spa and park facilities.

Good for safety
together with gobhardt and bernd paul, the head of the court, he took a tour of the courthouse and inspected the security area in the entrance hall. Because: "after the fatal shooting of a public prosecutor at the beginning of 2012 in the district court of dachau, the security concept for bad kissingen and bad neustadt was also adapted from a structural point of view", says luckemann, and it sounds relieved. District court director gobhardt confirms: "we all feel safer now." On trial days, a security guard from a security company is also on duty behind the security gate. Yesterday, monika pawellek was on duty to answer questions from the distinguished visitors.

Some court employees were not afraid to confront the OLG president with their professional reality. Brigitte zecha, for example, a cornerstone in the amtsgericht. The files are piling up in the probate court. Because not least of all the demographic situation makes the work here become more. She would like to see more staff. Gobhardt gave her flank protection: "if someone is absent from the office, it's more problematic than if a prosecutor isn't there." Luckemann still couldn't promise anything.

But at least he reported that after years, a new workload survey would now be commissioned in 2014 that would hopefully come closer to the situation in the administration of justice. And with their result one could then approach the bavarian state government. The number of positions in the judiciary and the public prosecutor's office has also been increased by 80. Sounds like: the voluntary judiciary also deserves to be strengthened.

The new president of the OLG
Clemens Luckemann (1954) is a berliner and since february 2013 president of the bamberg higher regional court. The highest representative of the judiciary in upper and lower franconia, with around 2,500 employees, supervises the work of seven regional and 18 district courts, the bamberg state judicial cashier's office and the pegnitz school of justice.

After studying law and completing his legal clerkship in wurzburg, he became a trial judge at the regional court there in 1981, then a public prosecutor, and moved to the bavarian ministry of justice in december 1984. In 1987, he returned to the wurzburg district court as a judge, and in 1989, he returned to the ministry of justice. He coordinated the reconstruction of the judiciary in the former GDR. In 1994, he became a judge at the bamberg higher regional court, but moved back to the ministry in 1996, this time to the justice department. From 2002 to 2009, he was head of the wurzburg public prosecutor's office as senior public prosecutor, and from july 2009, attorney general in bamberg.

Insight during a visit to the bad kissingen district court, he got to know many of the 58 employees, eight of whom are judges. The court is responsible for the district of bad kissingen, which has a population of 103,000, and is located in the former tax office, which was renovated in 2007 at a cost of 3.35 million euros. Now it will be made handicapped accessible for another 400,000 euros.


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