Neubrunn gets seamless digital radio coverage

The redevelopment of the "upper economy can be put on the road. Likewise, the digital radio coverage of neubrunn with the construction of a transmitter mast will lead to a significant improvement in cell phone reception in the village. These two points were at the center of the meeting of the kirchlauter municipal council, and both projects were decided on unanimously.
The poor reception of digital radio in neubrunn has long been a thorn in the side of the burgers and organizations like the fire department. The use of rescue vehicles was also partially affected. Therefore, in previous meetings, solutions to this problem had been sought.
Mayor karl-heinz kandler (SPD) explained that after checking the digital radio coverage in the area of neubrunn, it was determined that an upgrade was necessary. As a result, various locations were suggested for a transmission mast, which should not be too close to the next residential area. Such a point has finally been found at the kirchlauterer berg on the plot of land number 2193. From here, you can see all the "funkholes" cover in neubrunn. At the same time, he said, contact had been made with various mobile phone providers about the possibility of using the service. The mayor said it was gratifying that a bidder who might want to erect on the then existing mast from 2019 had expressed interest. This will result in better network coverage for cell phone use.
The municipal council approved the application of the state of bavaria, represented by the state building authority of schweinfurt, for the construction of a new radio mast and a technical container and the use of the municipal land in question. The mast is to have a height of 34 meters. Public concerns do not oppose the project of the developer.

Target on demand program

To reorganize the "upper economy, the mayor reported about a demand program of the office for rural development. Here costs of high-rise buildings such as burgerhauser, which are under monumental protection or are place-prominent, up to 200,000 euro were demanded. This refers to the renovation of the roof, the windows and the entrance area. An architect should prepare in the near future an offer, so that the mabnahme can be implemented.
Regarding the broadband expansion in the municipality, kandler informed that the plausibility check had been completed, through which various hamlets and residual areas could be connected. The other questions were clarified in good time and the council was then able to decide on the order.
The development of the further construction phase "leite" settlement in kirchlauter has been completed. The new fire truck for the F kirchlauter also arrived, so that the old tanker could be replaced on 19. February would be deregistered. The purchase of another speedometer for the municipality, which had been requested at the town hall meeting, was approved.
The municipality also has four "dog toilets purchased. In kirchlauter, these were carried out at the "anglersee" and installed at the lauter in the area of the raiffeisenbank, in neubrunn at the cemetery and in the neubrunner dorfstrabe in the area of the lindenallee at the end of the village.

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