Mosaic day at wiesentheide high school

mosaic day at wiesentheide high school

In mid-february the so-called mosaiktag took place for the first time at the gymnasium steigerwald-landschulheim wiesentheid (LSH). On this day, the fourth graders of the nikolas fey elementary school visited the LSH with their teachers. In different subjects, under the guidance of the teachers of the grammar school, various activities were carried out together. In physics there were experiments with the optics and electricity experiment kits, in chemistry the students could make their own lip balm from natural raw materials, while in the fossil workshop fossils were cast themselves with plaster. In mathematics, the students used a math program to calculate on the computer in the form of a math olympiad, and in english, the students were able to use memory to assign words to pictures, create their own favorite lesson plan in english, and sing english songs. The fifth graders, who last year still attended the nikolas fey elementary school, supported the teachers of the grammar school as tutors and were important contacts for the guests from the 4th grade. Classes, according to the school’s overall message, the day was profitable for both sides. While the fourth-graders got an insight into future subjects and ways of working at a secondary school, the pupils from the 5th grade were. They were proud to show their former teachers what they had already learned.


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