Minister receives young editors

Minister receives young editors

Hirschaid/berlin – as a reporter for the school newspaper of the hirschaid secondary school, i was able to interview federal interior minister hans-peter friedrich in berlin at the beginning of march. The main topic of the press conference, to which school newspaper editors from bavaria and elsewhere were invited, was crystal meth and its spread in the german-czech border area. This is exactly where the drug spreads rapidly. The reason: drug addicts and the curious only have to cross the border once to get their hands on the stuff: in the czech republic, meth cakes are popping up like mushrooms.
Before we young editors "let loose" on the minister, however, we had to prepare ourselves we were initially invited to a "trial press conference" and a presentation briefed. We received a lot of introductory information. In addition, we were prepared on how to properly address the federal minister of the interior. Afterwards, a federal police officer and an employee of the ministry of interior told us about drug-related crime. So some questions were already answered in advance.
After that, it was off to the conference room for a round of talks with federal interior minister friedrich. Now each school newspaper team had three minutes to ask the minister questions in a predefined order. I wanted to know from him whether education and enlightenment or control and prohibition were more important for him. He answered this with a clear "both". When i asked about specific programs, a speaker intervened and also referred to the resources that schools or other institutions had at their disposal.
It was a very interesting day that gave me a glimpse behind the scenes of "rough politics" has given.

Info: what is crystal meth?
The drug crystal meth, also known as crystal speed or methamphetamine, destroys the life of the user very, very quickly: already at the "first time" can become completely dependent on the drug. So you can't just try it to see how it works. Addicts inject the poison or smoke it. The consequences of the drug range from tooth loss and shifting gums (so-called "meth mouth") to sleep disturbances and delusions to brain hemorrhages and cardiac arrest.
First, the party drug totally revs up the consumer. Those who are on drugs can party for 30 hours straight without getting stoned. They lose all inhibitions and are not hungry either. That is why it is called a "party drug". But then comes the crash.
In bavaria alone, the number of consumers seized has risen by more than 15 percent in just one year. In 2011, 1832 consumers were caught with the drug during checks, in 2012 already 2123. And while 11.7 kilograms of crystal were seized in bavaria in 2011, the figure for 2012 was around 14 kilograms, or around 140,000 units of consumption.


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