Marked by coarse cordiality

marked by coarse cordiality

Polish priest thadeusz kozlovski stood in for nudlingen's local pastor dominik kesina for four weeks while the latter spent his vacation in his croatian homeland. Fur "pastor tadek", as the people of nudlingen call him, the representation, which he has taken over for 28 years, showed that the relations are characterized by a great cordiality. Tadek likes "his noodlers, and the nudlinger burgers liked it.

At the farewell at the end of the sunday mass, christian hofler, the chairman of the parish council, thanked the priest for the long association with the nudlingers. Hofler connected his "vergelt's ggott" with the hope of seeing each other again next august.

Thadeusz koslovski expressed his gratitude for the relationships, friendships and hospitality. He recalled the services, through which nudlingen had become a piece of home for him. In addition, bridges of understanding between the german and polish nations have been built over the past three decades. The words of farewell were delivered by "tadek" with the song of the "Black Madonna", sung in German and polish language.


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