Low with fragile structure – em semifinals are “minimum goal

low with fragile structure - em semifinals are 'minimum goal

At the farewell ceremony in colonia, joachim low also mentioned the european championship semifinals as a “minimum goal”.

After a turbulent and controversial three-match home stand, the national coach takes a fragile structure with him for the next tasks in november. The final 3:3 in the nations league against switzerland nourishes more doubts than hopes that the national coach will be able to remedy the deficits in the german national soccer team by next summer under time pressure and the still special conditions of the corona pandemic.

The third part in one week became a state description. While the offensive department with the new chelsea attacker timo werner and bayern’s serge gnabry as well as the young star kai havertz, who is really convincing for the first time in the national team, can put any opponent in a tizzy, the defense resembles a torso. The switch from the three-man backfield to the former successful four-man lineup further exacerbated the instability this time around. “We have to defend better, smarter and more maturely,” havertz found.

Seven goals conceded by the german team in three games. The eight own goals were thus only enough for the victory in ukraine, which was, however, boosted by spain’s defeat on tuesday night in kiev (0:1). The eubenspieler lukas klostermann and robin gosens showed themselves against the confederates on a level that will not be enough for lows minimum goal 2021. And the comparatively more experienced central defenders matthias ginter and antonio rudiger also revealed more weaknesses than in the three-man defensive combination.

The swiss newspaper “blick” even wrote on wednesday of a “german panic orchestra in the defense” and found: “the team of jogi low is in a monumental crisis of achievement.”Mario gavranovic, who scored twice, and remo freuler punished the hosts’ shortcomings. Werner, havertz and gnabry hit back. “Good that we came back. We really fought. You can come out strong from the rucks,” low said.

The head coach also placed the evening of open defenses in the grand scheme of his european championship plan. “We deliberately took a lot of risks,” said the 60-year-old: “we played man against man everywhere on the pitch.”Mistakes were, so to speak, calculated in. Low’s far-sighted strategy also included the break for the actual head of defense, niklas sule: “you have to be careful with him. He has just recovered from a torn cruciate ligament.”The national coach is not looking towards the european championship with concern: “we still have a few games left. The all-important thing will be the preparation.”

Even though the team will be playing the ukraine in leipzig and spain in november for the group victory in the national league and also has a test against the czech republic on the schedule, low hardly has time for tactical training. Again he will call up a rough squad with almost 30 players, again he will call the friendly match against the czechs as a chance for players who are looking for a new challenge. And once again he has been praised for his approach by experts and old internationals. “We focus on our plan, we follow it consistently and don”t keep jumping back and forth,” countered low.

The national coach received support from hansi flick. "I think what"s happening right now is very, very exaggerated. Jogi has done a sensational job as national coach," the FC bayern munchen coach said on wednesday. The longtime assistant to low, with whom he was world soccer champion in 2014, wondered about some of the critical voices.

There are some experts "who haven"t touched the ball in 25 or 30 years," said flick. He still remembers the active time of some experts, who as players were upset about the criticism of the experts at that time. "And poof, you"re on your own side and knock out a thing or two yourself. That"s not necessarily good for german soccer and for the cause," the 55-year-old said.

"There"s a lot to take away from the game," the national coach said after the third draw in the fourth nations league game of the season against biting switzerland, who led 2-0 and 3-2. Low spurs that "the team radiates energy, that it has good morale and wants to make progress. The players also highlighted the positive. The problem was the first quarter of an hour, said jubilarian toni kroos. "After that, we played a good game and improved our football skills compared to the last game," said the 30-year-old, who is now the 15th member of the german national team. German player belongs to the club of the hundreds.

The head of the german football association (DFB) was immediately saluted in the koln dressing room. "This is a very special achievement," said federation president fritz keller on the occasion of 100. Country game by kroos. "On the long list of his successes, the only thing missing is the european championship title."

Low believes in it, even if his mission is tricky – and will remain tricky. "The team has real potential. If we can optimize a few more things, we can be happy," he proclaimed confidently. Many of his critics take a more skeptical view.


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