Knetzgau hopes for an “extremely innovative and spectacular” main information center

The municipality of knetzgau wants to realize the "main information and experience center" project pushing ahead. There will be a citizens' dialogue. On wednesday, 14. Marz, 18.30 o'clock, citizens can discuss the project in the auditorium of the dreiberg school in knetzgau. Not only the people of knetzgau are invited, but also interested parties from the entire district. An important topic at the event is the feasibility study for the project.
Just under a year ago, the idea of building a "main information and experience center" in knetzgau matured (MIZ359) to want to establish. The municipality of knetzgau has won over the counties of habberge, bamberg, schweinfurt and lichtenfels as project sponsors for cooperation in the preparation and financing of the study. The european union demands the preparation of the study. The study itself was commissioned by the municipal council in august 2017. In the meantime, first interim results are available, as the municipality announced on friday. In two rounds of experts, including representatives of the authorities involved, the university of wurzburg, the house of bavarian history and the district authorities, the legal and technical requirements to be observed were examined and discussed. The plans and ideas of the participating bureaus from bremen and berlin appear to be "extremely innovative and spectacular", according to the local authorities. The content concept and the architectural design of a building as well as the open spaces around the main river can be a decisive factor in the realization of the project – the community representatives are convinced of this –
generating supraregional radiance. A center at the location of the franz-hofmann-hall may be
a very special place of experience on, in and on the water, according to the experts. It can be a forum for exchange and cooperation on current main topics. At the same time it would be a conference and event center.
According to the municipality, the work of the offices to date and the cooperation with the authorities have shown that the requirements for such a center could be met in a balanced overall concept in knetzgau. The interim status of the study work will be presented by the municipality and the specialist offices on wednesday, 14. March, at 18.30 p.M. At the dreiberg school in a citizens' dialogue. The population of the entire region is invited to participate.

A rough potential

On the afternoon of the same day, at the invitation of the municipality of knetzgau, 40 district councillors and mayors meet in the municipality's council and cultural hall. They come from upper and lower franconia, baden-wurttemberg and hesse. Here, too, the focus is on the main character. On this day, the representatives of the municipalities want to discuss "cross-country" issues with the local politicians from the municipalities bordering the river main sound out commonalities and opportunities and explore the extent to which the main could play an even greater role in the future in all areas of municipal development and marketing, because the main as a common lifeline is perceived little or almost not at all, at least in varying intensity and quality, in contrast to the nature parks fichtelgebirge, habberge, steigerwald as well as spessart or odenwald. Thereby he is known as "landesfluss an economic belt, a tourist artery and the link between different metropolises. Along the river originated franconia. The river has shaped large parts of northern bavaria as a cultural landscape and will continue to do so in the future. Knetzgau thinks: "it is time to change this and to give the river as the lifeline of franconia the attention it deserves! There is still a lot of potential." Mayor stefan paulus emphasizes: "the people who live along the river show that the identity of their homeland has been strongly influenced by the main river. We want this awareness to flow into our project and our initiatives," he says, he wishes.

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