Kissinger summer: city not yet committed to cancellation

Kissinger summer: city not yet committed to cancellation

Actually, a formal cancellation of the kissinger summer 2020 was expected on wednesday evening due to the restrictions caused by the corona crisis. The motion by city councilor karin renner (CSU) to vote on it was on the agenda of the first vacation committee there has been in the history of the bad kissingen city council. But the decision did not come. Also the specially announced press release on the subject did not come until the evening.

Of course, explained mayor kay blankenburg, the classical music festival "can not take place in the usual way". But a general cancellation would not be the right step for the city for legal reasons. The until 31. August pronounced prohibition of the free state for coarse events applied certainly to concerts in the coarse max littmann hall of the regentenbau. However, it is not clear whether smaller concerts, which the kissinger sommer also has in its program, will also be affected by this.

This was not explicitly stated at the committee meeting, but in the end the matter is probably mainly about money. In the event of a general cancellation, the city may not be safe, at least for the time being, from recourse claims relating to concerts that may not be paid later to the banned group of coarse events after all. Bad kissingen has therefore an interest to wait until this is clarified. Karin renner, however, was persuaded and withdrew her application.Siegfried farkas


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