Is the house blessing crooked in the kronach city council??

Kronach city council member hans-georg simon () is not known for silently giving his blessing to all decisions in the council. That he can be quite uncomfortable in political discussions, he just showed again on our FT facebook page, where he got into a mutually clear exchange of words with his council colleague bernd liebhardt (CSU).

In various contributions to the discussion, simon attacked the CSU and questioned the role of the free voters in the city council. In his opinion, the house blessing in the committee is askew. He clarified this still in the conversation with our newspaper.

Parking space statutes in kronach housing construction

In his opinion, the climate between the free voters and the CSU in the city council has been deteriorating for some time. He sees a possible reason for this in the candidacies of michael zwingmann (for the state parliament) and stefan wicklein (for the district parliament). But that does not have to be a bad thing from his point of view. He even sees something desirable in a printout from the CSU. "The free voters must swim free and appear more independent", he appeals to his faction colleagues – even if some of them probably saw it differently.

"At the moment, the CSU is not worth more than being parted with", simon continues. In his opinion, their faction is raising its profile at the expense of the . The votes of the independent voters often brought the majorities for the decisions in the city council "but then it is always said that the CSU made the motion". Here, however, simon would also like to see more initiative from within his own ranks, in order to emphasize the positions of his party more strongly in public. But they "let themselves be lulled into a partial lull".

This view is not intended as a general rejection of constructive cooperation with the CSU in the council. "If it brings meaningful proposals, then gladly", says simon. He continues to criticize the way decisions are currently made in the council. On the one hand, he says, people are getting bogged down in small sideshows instead of making progress on issues that are important for the people of hamburg.

Development plan must be changed

As an example, he cites the year-and-a-half-long struggle of one man to rebuild the kreuzberg. On the other hand, he suspects that cross-connections between the parties involved and the CSU play a role in the decisions, especially in construction matters. "There are the greatest things", he says.

In terms of personnel, he also approaches the CSU faction: "they are now all political students. That was different in the past." The young people often lack the burgernahe and the practical experience. In view of his critical words, hans-georg simon doubts that there will be a major upheaval in the city council by the 2020 municipal elections. "It's still a bit of a blur", he suspects. Nevertheless, he does not want to keep his mouth shut in the future either. He is too old to be muzzled by anyone.

Factions take a stand on criticism

When asked about the internet skirmish with hans-georg simon, bernd liebhardt immediately makes it clear that this is not a major construction site for him. A facebook discussion can only be taken seriously up to a certain point, he says, because something is quickly written there on the basis of gut instinct.

"The time of the election campaign will come at some point", the CSU politician emphasizes "but now the factual work has priority. And there is still a lot to do for kronach." That's why he's relaxed about simon's criticism in the social media and doesn't hold it against him.

What the city council has achieved since 2008 is very positive in liebhardt's eyes. Simon has been involved in some decisions, and in others he has even voted against his own faction – and for a city council member, that's okay, says the CSU politician of the cooperation with his council colleague. Liebhardt does not think that simon's criticism will lead to a change of climate in the council: "with the current composition of the kronach city council, i can't imagine that people will take a blocking stance for no reason at all."

Bad climate? Garbage!

CSU faction leader jonas geissler considers the theory of a bad climate to be complete nonsense. "I talk regularly on the phone with michael zwingmann and stefan wicklein. And also with the mayor, who is also a free voter, we all maintain a friendly, fair and honest relationship. This was one of the reasons why the CSU supported him in the municipal elections." The good coordination between all groupings contributes to many unanimous decisions in the committee, he says. "Most of the successes that exist are successes of the entire body", adds geissler. In the work of the city council, "no one should take themselves more seriously than they are.

Geissler suspects that in the case of simon, he does not feel involved. But he does not need that. "As the CSU, we don't appreciate his facebook posts, but we do appreciate him as a person, says the group chairman and offers simon the opportunity to simply sit down together.

Bringing those affected on board

With regard to the situation surrounding the rebuilding of the building on the kreuzberg, geissler sought to speak with all those affected. Getting as many people as possible on board is more time-consuming than representing just one vote. The CSU tries to listen to as many people as possible who have an issue to raise, geissler said.

"I don't know of any political students in the CSU parliamentary group, he addresses simon's criticism of the "students" lack of practical relevance. "The CSU's city councillors are a diozesan secretary and member of the state parliament a.D., an engineer, a tax official, a lawyer, a pensioner, an office manager, a business manager, an architect and the manager of the anchor center bamberg. I am, however, looking forward to the next municipal elections and very much hope that we will then again have a student or a trainee in the parliamentary group."

Michael zwingmann, the leader of the free democratic party, fears that the heated mood could be the result of a misunderstanding in facebook. He admits to simon's criticism that his own nomination did in fact lead to some "small points" the CSU, which likes to emphasize its activities, has led to a "consensus" on many issues in terms of the work of the city council and in terms of factual policy. Zwingmann also works well with jonas geissler. In any case, there is no discord between the factions.

" Have edge and themes"

As far as the own faction is concerned, it is very active. However, many of their suggestions and proposals were introduced into the daily business of the administration and city council by the -burgermeister wolfgang beiergroblein. "For us, it's the city of kronach that pays, not the number of our applications", emphasizes zwingmann. And for them he emphasizes: "we have edge, we have themes!"

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