Iron-maiden-sanger: touring is life-longing

iron-maiden-sanger: touring is life-longing

For bruce dickinson, lead singer of the heavy metal band iron maiden, concerts can be noisy. "I love the good old explosions on our stage, for example," the 63-year-old told the newspaper "augsburger allgemeine".

He never expected to be on the road as a singer at this age – but he doesn’t think about quitting: "every day that I get to play on tour with maiden feels like an extension of my life. That is wonderful."

Gone, however, are the days when dickinson piloted a giant boeing 747 of the band from show to show. A snapshot of the plane went around the world in 2016: at zurich airport, its boeing overshadowed chancellor angela merkel’s government plane, which happened to be parked there and looked tiny in comparison. "Back then, some of the time it was no different than by plane," dickinson recalled in an interview.

The plane was damaged in an accident in chile in 2016 – the year the famous photo was taken – and the band shunted out the jet. "Because he was damaged, because of the environment and also because it is impractical to always have a plane on your back," said dickinson. "You don’t need a jumbo to fly from paris to zurich."

On friday (3. September) the band’s new album, "senjutsu," will be released, next year the next tour is on the agenda.


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