Impressive new year’s reception of the federal armed forces in volkach

A large number of military and civilian guests made their way to the volkach mainfranken barracks on thursday for the traditional new year’s reception.

Just as they arrived, a heavy storm with storm and rain hit volkach, which made some soldiers smile about the future of the battalion for 2018.

Lieutenant colonel patrick dohmen buried an illustrious crowd of guests from politics, business, church and the military in the packed hall of the officers’ home. Starting with the representative of the government prasidium, manfred wetzel and the district administrator tamara bischof, through mayors and councilors from the surrounding communities and commanders from the neighboring military units, almost everything was represented that had rank and name and prior pascal herold from the abbey of munsterschwarzach showed with the protestant pastor christiane rupplein lived ocumene.

Accompanied by the sounds of the woodwind quintet of the army music corps veitshochheim, the battalion commander started his funeral with the motto of his unit: "fidus et fortis"- reliable and strong.

Dohmen looked back on an eventful year, which ended with the so-called elephant parade, a rally of the entire battalion across the county borders and will pass seamlessly into the new year.

"2018 is going to be a very challenging year and we are going to have our hands full working through it," he said, looking to the future with a warning.

The year will begin with a tough combat exercise in northern germany, where the entire battalion will move out with all available equipment by rail, water and road. "A first high point, where we will demonstrate our capabilities under simulated combat conditions," said the military chief.

Volkach’s mayor, peter kornell, described the soldiers "as our friends in the barracks" and emphasized how important coexistence with the soldiers was not only for the town of volkach, but also for the common good as a whole. Lieutenant colonel josef rauch of the german armed forces association, a kind of "soldiers’ union" had some critical comments on the current political situation.

He reported on a funding gap of more than nine billion euros at the bundeswehr and the current difficult political situation. "A turnaround is not in sight and the money currently available is just enough to keep the federal armed forces running" he summed up and appealed to the political mandate holders to support the federal armed forces in all matters.

Patrick dohmen thoughtfully concluded the official part of the meeting with thoughts about the soldiers of the volkach location who are deployed abroad, who are doing their duty far away from their families, and that these privations must also be borne by the members who remain here.


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