Google looses eight search results for bettina wulff

Of the more than 3,000 search results originally mentioned, only eight were illegal and deleted due to false factual claims, the internet company explained on sunday after a corresponding report in "bild am sonntag". "This refers purely to the demanded deletion of search results in google search, but not to the lawsuit and auto-completion", a google spokesman emphasized.

Some US celebrities have turned off car completeness

The ex-president's wife sued the u.S. Company in september over its auto-complete function, because typing in the name bettina wulff also turned up suggestions for searches about an alleged red-light past. Google explains that this function only reflects actual search queries from users. However, there are cases, for example, with the names of some US celebrities, where the automatic completion is switched off.

The lawsuit on car completeness will now be forwarded to google headquarters in the USA, wrote the "bild am sonntag" newspaper. Wulff's lawyers demanded the deletion of 85 search terms from the automatic search function.


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