Future of the amtshaus: fierce accusations instead of numbers in the council

future of the amtshaus: fierce accusations instead of numbers in the council

The item "information on the results of the expert opinion on the property at kanzleistrabe 2" at the meeting of the wiesentheide town council did not include any figures or the expert opinion on the property. But a heated debate ensued, during which the third mayor, heinrich worner (freie wahler), accused local leader werner knaier (CSU) of withholding information on the matter and deliberately shying away from the issue.

The listed building in question is one of the former manor houses of the count of schonborn and is located right next to the catholic church. The noble house as owner has signaled that it is ready for a sale of the entire present with adjoining building. It is currently vacant and in need of extensive renovation if it is to be used. There are considerations for a later use as a municipal library, or by the church.

At the council meeting, mayor knaier first had to inform the council that the responsible engineering firm, brandlein, had not managed to meet the deadline for the investigations into the building. As a basis for further consideration of the building, the municipality first needs the figures in order to know how much would have to be invested in a renovation. Worner countered that the municipal council had already commissioned a study of the building in july 2012.

Worner complained that the cost estimate had already been promised several times, but was still not available. Worner said he had the impression that the mayor was shying away from "the serious issue for wiesentheid" and did not want to tackle it before the municipal elections. He demanded open cooperation in the matter from the mayor.

Mayor knaier rejected, he saw no reason for criticism. He had always been open with information, but called worner’s accusations "impertinent, impudent and incorrect. The engineering office is currently entrusted with some rough projects for the municipality that are more important.

The tone in the committee became sharper, and council member otto hunnerkopf (CSU) accused worner of only being interested in attracting attention. The information provided by the municipality on the building was detailed enough. Hunnerkopf called the accusation that the mayor’s information policy was not always open and honest "strong rage". On the subject of the official residence, "first we need clarity on the figures, then we can discuss".

Burgermeister knaier defended himself. The house of schonborn owns many buildings that dominate the village, so the municipality has to negotiate with the noble family, whether some councillors like it or not. Council member stefan mohringer (CSU) finally moved that the discussion on the topic be discontinued. There was no news in the matter. The motion was passed with the votes of the CSU faction. The report on the controversial building is expected to be on the council table at the november meeting.


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