From village innkeeper to truck driver

From village innkeeper to truck driver

With bernd jahreis, a well-known "felschlicher" celebrated the event his 80th birthday. Birthday. The jahreis family home, a byword for french hospitality, has been a popular meeting place for young and old for many years, including the dance hall. And the two lanes upstairs were also the hub of bowling in folschnitz.

The jubilarian, who learned the profession of farmer, lived with his parents first in mainleus and later in heinersreuth near bayreuth, before he was able to return to his birthplace in 1950 when he was just eleven years old. Bernd jahreis ran the village house with his wife until 1980 and also a small farm, which is now run by his son herbert "aus spab an der freud" continued.

At the age of 50, bernd jahreis obtained his truck driver's license and then spent ten years on the road as a truck driver. On his 80th birthday, he looked back with satisfaction. I have always felt very happy in my work during my life."

The mayor of kodnitz, stephan heckel-michel, offered his congratulations and told a special story: "i used to accompany my father, who worked as a veterinarian in the region, on several occasions. As a 14-year-old, i witnessed the first caesarean section at the birth of a calf in the jahreis family barn."

Representatives of the singing club, the gardening club and the folschnitz fire department also congratulated him. 


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