From a turnover of 16408 euro, 2400 euro can be donated

From a turnover of 16408 euro, 2400 euro can be donated

When an otherwise unusual number of cars gather in einberg on saturday mornings, and many people, especially women, make the pilgrimage to school, this is an unmistakable sign that the bazaar team (bianca bauer, marion bruckner, natascha endruweit, sandra herrmann, martina kohles, steffi steiner, nicole tarrach) with sandra weber at the helm is once again putting itself at the service of a good cause.

Coarse riprap

Also the 43. Second-hand bazaar for children became a real magnet again. What the visitors didn't see was the effort that has to be made weeks beforehand to make the bazaar a success. More than 100 volunteers gave their time to present and manage the sale of over 10,000 items. The success is impressive. 5286 items from the consigned items found new owners. Thus every second piece offered was sold.

Very much appreciated

This quota is also a clear indication that the bazaar in einberg is highly appreciated by both vendors and interested parties. At the end of the day, the bazaar team recorded a turnover of 16,408 euros. Together with the sale of labels and cakes, 2400 euros were collected as a donation, earned by the team and its helpers.

This time, the school am hofgarten, the volleyball department of the vfb einberg, the christian scouts st. Marien as well as the evangelic church community st. St. Mary's.

The next bazaar will be held on 14. September instead. Due to the renovation of the school in einberg, the bazaar has to move. It already has a new home in the rooms of the former living glass in "langer rain" found. Mayor marco steiner not only praised the social commitment of the team, but also expressed his gratitude that the bazaar will be continued elsewhere.

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