Fishing club bad bruckenau prepares for town and park festival

The message was as clear as it was forceful: "nothing is possible without solidarity!" What treasurer albert brand gave the young fishermen from the fishing club (FV) of bad bruckenau was nothing other than an appeal to help out with the town festival as well as the park festival. Because without the important income from both events, the sport fishermen had to dig much deeper into their own pockets when purchasing annual or daily tickets as an entitlement to fish in the sinn or in the auseen.

In the meantime, the organizing team led by chairman armin sauermann has been able to recruit enough volunteers to help out. The bad bruckenauer petrijunger will be on saturday, 29., and sunday, 30. June, traditionally with their stand in the area of the sinntor prasenz show.

Even before the festival has started, the organizing team is already busy with the preparations for the 11 p.M./eurosport event. Park festival busy. The fishing club also has a stand at the state baths every year. Thus, two weeks after the city festival, the group of helpers will be ready on the 13th. And 14. July again in action

Another focus of the work of the sport fishermen of bad bruckenau is conservation. "In the past year, we have seen the possible consequences of global warming on a massive scale." 2. Chairman michael kramer, who is also the water keeper of the FV, looks at the current development with great concern. The prolonged drought in 2018 resulted in low water and very high water temperatures – catastrophic conditions for brook and rainbow trout as well as ash in the sinn river. "We just got away with a black eye once again. We don't have to have this again."

Pikeperch and carp perish

The effects of the extremely long phase of high temperatures on the auseen near mittelsinn were different. "There we had to fight algae with microorganisms. Nevertheless 30 partly stately zander and 17 splendid carps died", michael kramer regrets the dramatic development on these waters leased by the association.

But it is not only the climatic conditions that are causing problems for the pangolin in the club's waters. Inlets caused by trees felled by beavers are damming them up in places. On the one hand, this leads to widening of the riverbed and increasingly low water levels. On the other hand, siltation due to soil erosion is increasing. "For the ashes in the sinn this means increasingly difficult living conditions. If more and more gravel bars are silted up, these beautiful fish cannot spawn and reproduce sufficiently."

Otters are a concern

Chairman sauermann currently sees another danger coming to the fish stocks in the sinn river. "We know at least of one otter parche in the lower sinn." If the otter continues to spread in the water, we can expect a dramatic reduction in the fish population. "We have to do some internal monitoring", sauermann urged all members to report any occurrences of otters to the board of directors.

With rough engagement and just as financial auand the bad bruckenauer petrijunger try to trim the fish population by stocking reductions. The association participates in several species assistance programs and hopes to compensate for losses in the species caused by beaver, otter, cormorant and changing climatic conditions. For the first time this year in the lower sinn 1000 nase setts will be released into the water. "Efforts are being made to reintroduce this species to our waters."

Fly fishing is the latest trend

Albert brand informed the members about essential income and expenses. Wolfgang ebert spoke about the fly fishing courses of the fishery association of lower franconia in bad bruckenau. Fly fishing is becoming more and more popular in the last few years. This is not least due to the special commitment of wolfgang ebert from Wurzburg.

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