Everything is new on the main

The question is mean, that's why it's not even asked: what does a new building office do when everything is newly built?? Unlocking oneself? In the case of the mains and the new waterway construction office in aschaffenburg, the answer to the common question is simple. When everything is rebuilt, you just start all over again, because maintaining a river is a real sisyphus task. You will never be finished.

On location in schweinfurt, hafengelande. Here, the new construction office is building: a tree. Close to the water, but still not a waterway. "This is the new transshipment point for the main expansion in the schweinfurt dam", says elmar wilde, the acting head of the federal authority, which has one of its seven offices in aschaffenburg in lower franconia.

The main and its curves

On a river that is regulated by sluices, the area in front of the dam, seen upstream or upstream, is referred to as a dam. Consequently, the schweinfurt dam refers to the area of the main from schweinfurt to ottendorf, the ottendorf dam extends to knetzgau, and so on.

And transhipment site? This is a key point for the expansion of the river main, which runs in the area of gadheim (habberge district) and on the other side of untereuerheim (schweinfurt district). "A good 600,000 tons of material are moved", says wilde. This is so much because the main is still doing there what it was allowed to do in the past: it is slogging along. The bends have become an obstacle for modern XL shipping. That's why the main expansion: the river is to be made deeper and, where necessary, also wider.

A new bridge is needed

It's not easy at gadheim, and here two obstacles stand in the way of good traffic with 185-meter-long coupling links: a tight curve and a fubganger bridge that connects the villages in the district of habberge (north) and schweinfurt (south). The new construction office has solutions for both problems: the pier will be rebuilt in the next five years (as a rope bridge). The lack of width and depth of the river is a matter for the dredgers, who remove what is in the way with giant shovels on land and in the water. This is where the construction site logistics begin, and they are highly complex, even though most of what the machines take out of the water ends up back in the water again via the transfer point.

Hardly any scahdstoffe

How the? "The excavated material from this area of the main is for the most part not or only minimally contaminated with pollutants", explains wilde. This is meticulously investigated, and the new builders of the waterways even search for contaminated sites from the war – even with divers, if all the technology fails.

The main excavated material is used to fill former gravel pits around schweinfurt. Since they can usually only be reached by truck, the waterway authority has built or had built the transhipment site and road in schweinfurt. You see: there is always something that can be rebuilt!

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