Eight men of stature make the women cheer

Eight men of stature make the women cheer

With a program of superlatives, the 20 performers at the traditional women's carnival on friday ensured that there was not a dry eye in the house and that the mood was absolutely "bombich" right from the start. This did not change until the last performance at midnight, on the contrary. Gag after gag strained the laughing muscles of the 70 or so women in the euerfeld sports center, and during the dance interludes the girls – and in the end the boys from the male ballet as well – showed that they knew how to move to the music.

This year, for the first time, sieglinde and karl-dieter, alias constanze soldner and andrea koch, led through the program as schoolchildren. Sieglinde was supposed to be in tenth grade, but was still in second grade. "Intelligenzler" karl-dieter, on the other hand, was pleased that he would soon be allowed to learn latin at the "genasium".

Putting the arm in the box

But they already had to announce the first highlight: the neutralizer. What, they do not know what that is? An ultra-modern device from the field of medical technology. You put one arm in the box and you get better. Some in any case. One patient, however, had less luck and escaped pregnancy only by a hair's breadth. For the performers birgit heinrich, anja heinisch, dorothea weippert and claudia mack there was the first "rocket".

After so many laughs, it was good that the senior dance group with carolin schmitt, ramona heinrich, christiane fuller and melanie kemmerer had a calming effect on the audience. But then the four young ladies put on a saucy show with their "gun gun style".

A married couple from berlin (tanja graber and margareta beienz) then provided plenty of laughs with their berlin snark and a lot of mother wit.

The poor man, who had to chew on dry bread while "she" was enjoying a luscious lye bar, used the time of his fair wife's absence during a cure to realize his idea of a shared apartment.

Quite "arch jammerich" was the pious schar of seven old women (edeltraut walter, adelinde kinzinger-bransom, birgit heinrich, sonja weippert, helga scheller, imtraut winkler, margarete scheller and helene sauter), who meet as "jammerschnallen" and armed with the prayer book at the cemetery. They are very modern, there is a navigation system on the rollator. But that only ever leads to the graveyard, and then confidently proclaims: "you have reached your goal."No wonder that the women start to moan, recite litanies or sing devotedly about their misery. And since this goes to the melody of the church song "grober gott wir loben dich", all the women in the hall join in loudly.

Also musically it went on with the line dancers. The eleven-headed troupe proved that women can not only move gracefully to the fried potato song, but can also make a cow dance.

The third block of performances was opened by a couple that had been together for years: claudia mack and petra gerhard, who this time tried their hand as royalty. It's clear that these two greats don't miss a beat and take the local events skilfully to task. The two want to dress very elegantly as prince and princess, which is bound to go wrong, especially when they use an old curtain to do so.

Lifting figures in the male ballet

Now everything was waiting for the men's ballet trained by regina mack. Eight seasoned men in cowboy outfits showed not only muscles, bellies and sometimes athletic feats such as lifting figures, but also a sense of rhythm and a lot of fun dancing. This spark immediately spread to the audience, which clapped and cheered along. Especially the tap-dance of the "superperforator" (known from "der schuh des manitu") caused a storm of enthusiasm.

Between the performances, jochen rettner and michel may provided music that quickly lured the women to the dance floor. Since the two continued to put on hot rhythms after the performances, the women did not miss the opportunity to continue celebrating and dancing for a long time.

And everyone was already looking forward to the next carnival events on the 9th of september. And 11. February, when it's "oafald helau" again in the sportheim! The women's carnival is organized every year by the women of the catholic rural people's movement in euerfeld.

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