Directions of view pointed out

directions of view pointed out

"Directions of view" the current exhibition with pictures by cornelia eder, which will be on display until the end of february in the atrium and on the second floor of the "feuerstein" building, is now on display at the frankische schweiz clinical center in ebermannstadt.
Many guests came to the vernissage at the hospital last friday and were enthusiastic about the colorful works of the artist. "51 years ago, they saw the light of day here at the clinic. So you are a child of the house", laudator robert glenk recited. He is also the chairman of the challenge society clinic france switzerland and was especially pleased about the pictures with motives from scotland, because he is a fan of the country.

Pictures from near and far

"You can’t improve the colors", said glenk and was also happy about the french wheat field, cucurbits or pictures of walberla, neideck castle or streitburg castle.
"They would like to convey joy to the visitors. Where better than in a hospital, where people experience healing", said the laudator and told in the speech about the tasks of the fordergesellschaft. Because it can forward an average of 50,000 euros a year to the french-speaking switzerland hospital so that new equipment can be purchased there for the benefit of the population.
The artist felt good, but also very excited, during the vernissage, because it is her first exhibition. Cornelia eder told that she liked to paint already as a child. However, she learned the profession of dental assistant and has been working in a dental practice in erlangen for 24 years.
In 2009 she remembered her old passion and attended painting courses, for example with petra durrbeck in etzelskirchen. She travels a lot with michael muntahder and takes a lot of photos along the way. "And from the special I paint then pictures. I try to bring the mood into my work", he told cornelia eder.
A friend knew about the exhibitions at the clinic and suggested that the artist should also apply with her works. This is how cornelia eder met carmen backhof, who is responsible for organizing the exhibition. "In the meantime it’s a self-runner, because the artists are approaching us", says carmen backhof and immediately discussed with a doctor, who wanted to exhibit her photos in the clinical center france switzerland next year.

Many questions answered

While inge wieland-steinmetz on the piano and susanne sponsel on the violin created a pleasant atmosphere, the artist had to answer many questions about her work. Meanwhile, michael muntahder, who was in danger of his life, was watching the game. "It’s exciting to see what comes out when she retreats into her room", muntahder tells proudly. And he feels very connected to the works, because he is there on the trips and knows the motives.
Among the visitors to the vernissage were also patients and residents who admired the colorful pictures; especially the pictures of the galloway cattle. "It’s a win-win situation for artists and the clinic", said carmen backhof, because the artists can exhibit and sell paintings and the employees, patients and residents have the opportunity to enjoy the exhibited works of art.

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