Close, but won

Close, but won

The burgershift of the tell-schutzen neudrossenfeld remains a popular opportunity for all those who are not in a schutzen club and want to try their hand at shoving. Also at the 23. Numerous hobby shooters again came to the muckenreuth sliding facility to test their skills. A total of 22 teams with 79 participants tried their luck to hit the mark as accurately as possible.
The new burger king was the center of attention. He is ronny preubinger, comes from langenstadt and gave the best shot with a 11.9 divider. "I am very happy about this success, I will represent the tell-schutzen for a year", said the carpenter. Even if the success had been razor-thin, because the altenploser siegfried schirmer was only just behind him with a 12.0 division. In third place was jochen pezold with a score of 13.9.

Under the cheers of the numerous visitors at the prize distribution, first guardian christian schirmer presented a trophy to the burgerregent. Schirmer: "this shove is a highlight in our annual calendar of events, and i am more than satisfied with the response.". Third mayor helmut erlmann praised the commitment of the tell-schutzen, describing it as a solid company that upholds tradition.
More trophies and prizes were awarded to the best in the other disciplines. The participants included members of the fire departments of neudrossenfeld, altdrossenfeld, muckenreuth, neuenreuth, altenplos, the flugelzuchtverein neudrossenfeld and anglers from altenplos and neudrossenfeld.


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