“Claudia can do it”: biebl’s farewell is not a real one at all

The thanks was exuberant, the farewell sad. At the same time, claudia biebl is pursuing similar goals with her new job, and she’s not really going anywhere either. Nevertheless, it is a change that means a break: to the 1. July the chairwoman leaves the city marketing association kitzingen and works in the future for the economic demand in the city administration. This is associated with a change from honorary to salaried office.

Farewell in the streets

Claudia biebl’s companions in the town marketing association used the start of this year’s "stadtschoppen" event to bid her farewell with words of praise and reverence. And that’s where biebl has been seen again and again for the past five years, at an event she has organized. While biebl was ready to work on the old mainbrucke as usual, her successor frank gimperlein and his colleague in the association office, katrin weber, arrived with the obligatory flowers and a creative surprise gift for the creative engine of the association: biebl received a poster wall with photos of her many marketing events, all under the motto "kitzingen kann’s" (kitzingen can do).

Commitment and energy honored

Appropriately, gimperlein said: "claudia can do it" and, like other speakers, praised her commitment, her drive and her inexhaustible wealth of ideas. Always with the goal: to advertise kitzingen and its business world and at the same time to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors to the town.

These qualifications and the good experience of the past few years ultimately convinced the city council and persuaded it to transfer biebl from his honorary position to the city administration at the beginning of the month. Biebl (born in 1963) is responsible for economic development and will expand the city’s marketing activities to include the important factor of cultivating contacts with existing businesses and those willing to settle in the city.

Mouthpiece of the mayor of oberburg

In addition, as press spokeswoman, she will also become the mouthpiece of the mayor and the city administration. In this respect, the cooperation with the city marketing association remains a very close one, not only because of the spatial proximity between the city hall and the association office, but also because of many points of contact in terms of content.

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