Circumcisions in coburg stopped for the time being

Circumcisions in coburg stopped for the time being

Ilhan birinci, second chairman of the turkish-islamic community of coburg, can no longer remember his circumcision. Only this much: he has not taken any damage. And it is incomprehensible to him that this ritual, which has been practiced in islam for thousands of years, should now be a punishable bodily injury according to the will of the judges of the regional court of coln, and that millions of muslims in germany should thus be criminalized. "A german court interferes in our religion", ilhan birinci states. The umbrella organization of the turkish-islamic communities, ditib, will not accept this. If the sentence is not corrected, it could come to the complaint to the european court of justice.

Circumcision is not carried out in the communities, as is repeatedly claimed, but by doctors. "We go to the clinic or the doctor's office for this purpose." As a rule, the boys are circumcised at preschool age and preferably during the summer months of. This may become difficult in the coming weeks, because the president of the german medical association, frank ulrich montgomery, is recommending that doctors not perform circumcisions for the time being because of the unclear legal situation.

One coburg resident who is burying the coln court ruling is hans jochen medau, founder of the medau school. "If we are all serious about respecting the circumcision of girls and even boys, then we must stop the dumbing down of young people in our culture and stop this stone age attitude of certain groups.", he writes in a letter to the tageblatt. He criticizes the fact that the removal of the foreskin from young people has been tolerated and considered a minor evil. He compares the intervention with the genital mutilation of women. Both must be made punishable. "Cutting the genitals of non-mouthy children in a way that is not medically indicated is a punishable offense that must be rejected as an injury."

Walter ludwig strohmaier, head of the urology clinic at coburg hospital, admits that boys were circumcised in his department. The families had to pay for it themselves, if there is no illness. "I think it is absolutely okay if the circumcision is done under medical-professional conditions. Complications and pain are minor. Everything happens under anesthesia, he says. He finds an encroachment on religious freedom inappropriate. However, the doctors at the hospital also follow the recommendation of their chamber president. "Not even in jewish clinics is circumcision currently practiced."


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