Base camp for the national team

Bernhard panzer christian dzieia gets into the black. The new conference center adidas is building at the world of sports benefits from the outdoors. The three buildings, which are currently under construction and are scheduled to be ready for occupancy by june at the latest, are located directly next to the small forest at the western end of the "world of sports". And the 15 residential units for 60 overnight places are even located in the middle of it – you can hardly get any closer to nature than this.

Christian dzieia is the head of global real estate management at adidas. On friday he gave a tour of the construction site together with press spokesman oliver bruggen and two employees. Three wooden houses are being built, the construction work has been going on for several weeks, the completion is planned for may 2020. A tight schedule, but one that can be kept to, says dzieia. The close cooperation with the local authorities ensures this, according to a press release from the company.

Three buildings

The wooden construction will be assembled from building components and will stand relatively quickly. The small forest directly on the road to haundorf, which already pragmatized the herzo base at the time of the americans, will not be encroached upon. The trees will be preserved, some have been cut out. "The beauty of the campus is nature, says the real estate manager.

The little forest, together with the wood as a building material, will create a "great warm atmosphere create, he swarm. Especially since the three buildings are located in a hollow, so the guests will not be able to see anything above the trees. "You have the feeling that you are far away", says dzieia.

The three buildings will have different uses. One of the wooden buildings provides space for physiotherapy and training, while the middle one is intended for cosy hours, with a restaurant and "living room", the "living room" at adidas, of course heibt. The right building is for "office and meeting" reserved, will heiben: office and meeting.

But where do all the participants sleep?? 15 smaller wooden houses will be built, each with space for four rooms. The backs even closer to the forest, the development of the "units" is in progress.

Retreat in the green

Particular emphasis is being placed on the sustainability of the project, the press release says, and that extends from production to use. The buildings fit seamlessly into the existing tree landscape in the west of the "world of sports" the wood used is mainly native wood from germany and austria. "With the home ground, we are creating a sustainable retreat in the green, which is located close to our office buildings, the company restaurants and the fitness center as well as numerous sports facilities on the campus", explains christian dzieia.

Adidas is also proud of the fact that it was able to win the DFB as its first tenant. It was announced a long time ago that the national team will be staying at ausruster’s in herzogenaurach for the 2020 european soccer championships. Now the infrastructure is being created. The first guests in the "home ground so the players, coaches and support staff of the german fubball federation are: "the team will set up base camp at home ground during uefa euro 2020 to live and train on the adidas campus, company says.

A sustainable use of the site after the tournament has also been taken care of: the three main buildings and around 60 residential units will then be available for use by adidas employees, but also by external partners, athletes, clubs or associations.

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