A vacation passport program leaves its mark

A vacation passport program leaves its mark

"Applause, applause, applause," comes from the circus tent and some walkers on the main quay in kitzingen turn their heads in amazement. For four days, 25 children from kitzingen and the surrounding area took part in the circus project as part of the vacation pass program. And had a lot of fun doing it.

Gabriel is eight years young and is currently training with maret and kane on his floor acrobatics performance. The three had not known each other before tuesday of this week – now they are doing gymnastics together on the red gymnastics mats as if they had been friends for ages. Max spiegel watches the three closely and gives a few tips for the different pyramids. But the supervisor does not have to say too much at all. Gabriel, maret and kane are already confidently forming different formations with their bodies this thursday, demonstrating their strength and suppleness. In the meantime, other children are working on the trapeze in the tent – and are cheered on by their comrades with shouts of "applause".

"Most of them wanted to be there for the aerial acrobatics." Jule valder, supervisor

From tuesday to friday the "circus project" ran as part of the kitzingen vacation pass program. Three artistic ladders were sent to kitzingen by the company "schenk spab". In addition to max spiegel, lisa bischoff and jule valder guided the 25 children. On tuesday the program started with a taster session. From a total of nine elements, each child was able to choose two that they wanted to rehearse more intensively over the course of the week. Kane decided to do trapeze in addition to floor acrobatics. Other children wanted to try out the "rolabola", juggling or the running ball. "Most of them wanted to be part of the aerial acrobatics," explains jule valder.

"These are the best trainers you can imagine." Gabriel, participant at the age of eight

Long days spent with the children by the caretakers. At 8 a.M.30 o’clock the circus project started, closing time was at 16 o’clock. "Time goes by fast," assures maret, who was participating in this special vacation program for the fourth time. "You’re always doing new things," assures the eleven-year-old. And gabriel has high praise for the artistic directors: "they are the best trainers you can imagine," says the eight-year-old, beaming.

"I’ve already got real muscles." Gabriel, circus artist

In good weather, the children and their caregivers spent the day on the wine festival grounds, but when it rained, they went into the tent that had been set up for the occasion. There was also something tasty to eat at lunchtime, so that the strength for the further exercise units in the afternoon was sufficient. With gabriel, however, this was no problem at all. "I’ve already got real muscles," he says, flexing his upper arm. Four days of circus project have left their mark.


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