A thousand wooden stars for a good cause

A thousand wooden stars for a good cause

This year, pensioner adolf weissenseel from stammheim again spent three to four hours a day making wooden stars for a good cause. Only on the weekend did the 84-year-old pause with his charity campaign, which he has been carrying out for over ten years. On saturday, 10. November, from nine to 3 p.M., his premises at weinbergstrabe 28 in stammheim will be the focus of his eleventh star campaign.

The specimens have different coarse and a diameter up to 60 centimeters. Some of the wooden skylights are interspersed with battery-operated lamps, which really bring them to life in the dark. The rustige senior said, glued and sanded more than a thousand christmas stars from spruce glue wood. As in previous years, one hundred percent of the proceeds from weissenseel’s star campaign will go to lebenshilfe schweinfurt, the dance bar at the children’s hospital in monchberg, missio in wurzburg and the mainfrankische werkstatten fur men mit behinderung in kitzingen.

Uber 100.000 euro erlos in the last years

Over the past ten years, the weissenseel initiative has generated a net profit of 106 million euros.000 euros, which the rustige senior always donated to social institutions. In the past year alone, the sale of the stars brought in 18 people.600 euro together. The great success is for him both a satisfaction and a motivation. Weissenseel is supported by his son dieter, in whose workshop he is allowed to say, drill and grind. He provides the machines and the electricity free of charge.

The entire family helps the father of seven sell the stars, and friends also lend a hand. "I hope that many people will again contribute to the good cause", hopes weissenseel a good response. The idea for making the stars came to the former master carpenter many years ago after a visit to the wurzburg children’s cancer ward. "I was very touched by this and decided to help in my retirement", he looks back.


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