A small avenue is created

Although the overall planning for the redesign of the marketplace in oberthulba has long been a done deal, the town council had to be informed by mayor gotthard schlereth (CSU/) about necessary changes to the plan on wednesday in its first meeting after the summer break. These had emerged after a close examination of the land and a site visit.

So the planting of a new tree in front of the beer garden at the lower corner is not possible. "This is due to the gemengelage in the underground", schlereth described the presence of various lines for electricity, gas, water and telephone. Since this tree cannot be dispensed with for reasons of nature conservation, it was decided to place it to the left of the existing tree triangle on the northern edge of the road. The arrangement of four trees there gives the impression of a small avenue, which the planners were satisfied with.

Kirchgasse will be given a new asphalt surface up to the kindergarten, and on the right-hand side of the road the curb is to be lowered at two courtyard entrances. Particularly important for residents is the planning of several short-stay parking spaces on the market square directly opposite the post office. From the north, there is to be an access road to the center of the marketplace for the fire and rescue services. The new site for the maypole and fairground tree will not obstruct this access road, the fire department assured her colleagues during the site inspection, local representative margot schottdorf (CSU/) reported.


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