A mammoth task

Since the end of the 1970s, the luitpoldbad has been largely empty, and the structure has deteriorated more and more. But it is now clear that the historic masonry will house an administrative center. The state will invest an estimated 20 million euros, planning can begin.
Surveyor's office, staatsbad gmbh, real estate freistaat bayern and the treasury will be the new residents of luitpoldbad. In addition to the playhouse, which already resides in the head building of the luitpoldbad.

No additional wing needed

"The authorities now have to quantify exactly how much space they need", says erwin full from the schweinfurt state building authority. He is responsible for the planning. However, it is already clear that the reconstruction of the wing in the inner courtyard, which once had to make way for the exercise pool, will not be rebuilt. It would only have been needed if the water management office, which remains in place in the villa hailmann, had also been moved to the luitpoldbad.
Before the actual redevelopment of the luitpoldbad begins, the former exercise pool will have to give way. It was built in 1980 in the courtyard and became superfluous with the opening of the kisssalis spa in 2004.
The luitpoldbad is in a dilapidated condition – except for the part used by the playing bank. Although the roof was repeatedly patched and sealed in an emergency to preserve the substance of the structure. But the roof construction itself is already causing problems. Apart from the fact that there is no heat dam, the construction is according to full statically borderline. This is how the rafters of the roof are printed out, with the result that cracks have already appeared in the facade. Therefore the construction has to be strengthened, the ends of the rafters have to be joined together.
It is clear that the facade must not be altered for reasons of monument preservation. The interior of the building does not have to be gutted. However, the former bathrooms are too small for buror rooms. According to full, this means that one or the other wall will have to be removed.
It is still unclear what will happen to the inner courtyard, whether it will serve as a parking lot or be converted into a facility. "When the cars are parked in the courtyard, i can't see them from the park. On the other hand, the courtyard offers opportunities for design, for example for events.", says full.
Special attention will have to be paid to the protection of historical monuments. According to full, inventories and agreements are still needed here. For example, no plastic windows without bars are conceivable. The leaded decorative windows in the southern pavilions must be preserved in any case. However, according to full, they are "thermally a catastrophe". It is conceivable to use additional windows on the inside. The balustrade on the roof is also being repaired. For security reasons most of the balusters had been removed. They will be faithfully reproduced.
Planners will also have to think about the covering of the roof. "We will assess from the old hill what is appropriate for the cityscape", says full. While the pavilions are covered with patinated copper sheeting, zinc sheeting is conceivable for the rest of the roof, which will probably be painted in a shade of green.
Remains the problem with the flood. The luitpoldbad is built in such a way that the floodwater can flow through below, but it is still surrounded by water like an island when the saale leaves its bed.

Reachable even at high tide

Thanks to two footbridges, the building is fublaufig accessible even at high tide, the luitpoldsteg can also be driven on by car in case of emergency. Construction of a flood-free access road across luitpoldpark is not feasible, according to full, for financial and water law reasons.
"At the end of the month there will be a meeting at the supreme building authority", says full. An architects office is to be sought for the planning. Only then can the actual planning follow.
Erwin full does not expect construction to begin before 2014. Although the building is empty, so there is no need to take any users into account, full believes that it will take at least two years to complete the work, especially since the luitpoldbad is located in the special spa area, whose bylaws do not permit any major construction work that looks like an escape route during the season.


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