A harvest like a painting: the year of the quince on the main loop

A harvest like a painting: the year of the quince on the main loop

There is a quince farm and a quince nature trail on the mainschleife – and recently also a quince house in volkach. Behind it all is marius wittur, who looks back on the quince year 2019.

Question: in brief: how was the quince year 2019??

Marius wittur: 2019 was the year of the quince par excellence. They were the most beautiful fruits that I have ever seen ripen so patiently until late autumn.

A sentence about the harvest…

Wittur: almost ingenious. Every day was actually like a vacation under the trees, except that lifting the harvest sack after a few weeks is a bit of a hassle.

What quantity have you harvested?

Wittur: a lot of quinces, and this year the breathtaking aroma is particularly noticeable. For me, this is the relevant quality with which I have to weigh my harvests.

How are the quinces reacting to the increasing summer heat?

Wittur: the quinces put away relatively well. More problematic, however
the prolonged dry periods.

How were the quinces processed?

Wittur: the quince fruits from the quince farm are mainly pressed by me to quince wine or bottled as natural mother juice. One part is processed into jelly and jam and another is offered as fresh fruit. Then I also sell quince must fruit. Quince fruits that are still harvested now are particularly sub and are bottled to a non-alcoholic quince secco.

How many quince trees are there – estimated – around the main loop?

Wittur: around 1500 quince trees.

What is the 2019 balance for the quince nature trail in astheim?

Wittur: simply great. This is the first year that I have not been asked at a group tour why the grass is so tall under the trees. This is probably directly related to the "save the bees" petition together. In 2020, the topics of biodiversity, ecology and economy will once again be at the top of my list of priorities for guided tours in astheim.

Recently, there has also been a house of quince in volkach…

Wittur: exactly, since the end of october there is the house of the quince in volkach, so to speak the cultural hotspot for the networking of the cultural history of the quince in germany. Three years ago, museum scholar ulrike pierl and her husband acquired and restored the second-oldest house in volkach’s old town. The common love of the quince could thus gain the most beautiful roof, under which the town scribe niklas brobst wrote of the quince in the volkach salbuch as early as 1506.


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